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Suburban Life Sound Off: March 28-April 3, 2016

Want to contribute to Sound Off? Call 331-481-6089 or email
Want to contribute to Sound Off? Call 331-481-6089 or email

Want to contribute to Sound Off? Call 331-481-6089 or email

Shine light on killers

The March 27 Lahore, Pakistan, suicide bombing that killed 70 and wounded hundreds of people, primarily Christian women and children in a children's park celebrating Easter, was quickly claimed by the Taliban terrorist group that considered it a prime target because of the concentration of so many Christians in a single area. Even so, our president will not characterize such wanton murder is radical Islamic terrorism, even as a radical Islamic terror group proudly identifies itself as the killers. How calloused can it be to ignore the proud taking the blame by murderers targeting women and babies? These killers need a spotlight, not a cover up. 

Pension funds stolen by state

Say what you will about Illinois not being able to fund its state, municipal and school district pensions. The truth remains, however, that thousands and thousands of workers paid their required share into the pension trust funds on every payday. They had no choice. Then, crooked state officials used the pension trust funds for pet projects and political payola and it never replaced the so-called borrowed money. A few trust fund officials went to prison, but six or seven decades of stealing from the trust funds took its toll. The courts have ruled that the constitution requires that pensions must be paid. If taxes must be raised to do this, then raise taxes, but also the voting public must replace career politicians who allowed and encouraged stealing from the pension trust funds.

Vacant house an eyesore

I would like to know how much time the village of Downers Grove gives a person to tear down a vacant/uninhabitable house? I live on Belmont Road, and the house at 4521, has been uninhabitable for at least two years now. It's in deplorable shape, with raccoons going in and out of the roof. It's an eyesore. When will it be torn down? It sure doesn't meet any codes.

Where does money come from?

I would like to know where the Berwyn development corporation gets all of the money that they use to fund new businesses that want to start up in Berwyn. There's another one that was just given a $45,000 loan. What happens if these businesses go under, then they're not able to pay the loan back. Is it our taxpayer dollar that's being used for this? Also, thumbs up to the guy who wrote "Up to the voters." That [Sound Off item] that appears in [last week's] Berwyn [Suburban] Life is right on the money.

No official language

To all the people saying English is the language of the United States. It's false. The United States does not have a national official language. It would take an act of the government to declare English as the language of the United States. Look into it, it's on the internet.

Issue at intersection

Why does Downers Grove spend so much time, money and energy fighting the sign on the back of a building, but they do nothing with the eyesore on the corner of Belmont and Ogden Avenue?

Teachers pay into pensions

Illinois teachers are not allowed to participate in Social Security. That is why they have been paying into their own pension funds from the start of their employment as a teacher. They have trusted the state with their hard-earned money, and state governors have mismanaged this pension money for 30 years. Gov. [Bruce] Rauner could solve this problem by abandoning his turnaround agenda and compromising with the state legislature, but he refuses to do that, and the net result is he is causing far worse damage that has already been done. Rauner needs to go.

Educators spoiled by benefits

The Chicago teachers mini strike [last week] reminded me how spoiled this group of people and their union leadership are. While there are some teachers who do not favor this action, the majority do. Throughout the metro area teachers are very well paid for their nine months worth of work, and their benefits and retirement packages are second to none. If you don't believe me go to the website and look up any teacher salary you want. Teachers contribute anywhere from 2 to 10 percent of their pensions, and yet are guaranteed 70 percent of the average of the last four years salaries for the rest of their lives.

Who takes care of kids?

What do these mothers do with their children on Saturdays and Sundays, don't they give them breakfast or lunch? They have two days off during the week that they don't go to school, what do they do those two days? What is wrong with these people? They have to have somebody take care of their kids, what do they do, just have kids and let someone else take care of them for them? it's a shame.

Hard to predict election

Prediction: Donald Trump will not get the 1,237 delegates needed to get the Republican nomination. Either Cruz or moderate Kasich or a last second interest will get it. On the Democratic side, if Hillary Clinton is indicted, look again for a candidate other than Bernie Sanders. The Democratic party is very liberal, but they wouldn't be stupid enough to pick up comrade Bernie to get their nomination. A ringer will be brought in to be their standard bearer. It'll be a very interesting political season, and we'll see what happens. 

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• Callers may speak on topics anonymously.

• We will not publish attacks of a personal nature or those accusing persons of crimes or illegal conduct that have not been previously published or documented.

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