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By Denise Freese

Making the most of your outdoor living area requires a design strategy.  Similar to crafting a bedroom, living room, or other indoor space, it’s important to take stock of what you have, decide what to sell or give away, develop a budget, and visualize the intended final result.  Outdoor spaces are similar to indoor spaces when considering layout and color, but have additional concerns such as lighting, weather, privacy, and a need for shade.

By Kathleen DiGaudio -

with Kathleen DiGaudio

By Stephanie Kohl -

Hoisting Scottish tradition sky high

By Kelli Murray -

for some model railroad fun

By Allison Horne -

Bear Wegener turns childhood fancy into grownups hobby

By Kelli Murray and Nathan Lurz -

J ust a stone’s throw from the Wheaton area once known as Whiskey Creek, where Prohibition-era bootleggers would transport liquor in clandestine fashion, Ben Sampson now brews craft beer.

By Kelli Murray -

for a better world

By Denise Freese

Outdoor furniture has become just as important in designing a comfortable living space as what you choose for your kitchen, living room, and other indoor rooms in your home.  Many people use their outdoor furniture more frequently than they use their dining room furniture, and the industry has taken notice.  The availability of durable, stylish, high quality designer outdoor furniture has skyrocketed, making it both easy and affordable to invest in an upscale outdoor lifestyle.  

By Melissa Rubalcaba Riske -

Luz Canino-Baker builds esteem in young Latinas

By Kathleen DiGaudio -

with Kathleen DiGaudio

By Tom Witom -

Western Springs impresses, comfortable in its own vibrant skin

By Sheri Gibson -

Gray seems to be at the height of popularity in home decor. However, in addition to the color, homeowners also are being drawn to the look of a monochromatic space. Working within tones of a single color, a monochromatic scheme can create a space that is either dramatic or quiet, and very often, sophisticated.

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