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By Denise Freese

Making the most of your outdoor living area requires a design strategy.  Similar to crafting a bedroom, living room, or other indoor space, it’s important to take stock of what you have, decide what to sell or give away, develop a budget, and visualize the intended final result.  Outdoor spaces are similar to indoor spaces when considering layout and color, but have additional concerns such as lighting, weather, privacy, and a need for shade.

By Kathleen DiGaudio -

with Kathleen DiGaudio

By Stephanie Kohl -

Hoisting Scottish tradition sky high

By Kelli Murray -

for some model railroad fun

By Allison Horne -

Bear Wegener turns childhood fancy into grownups hobby

By Kelli Murray and Nathan Lurz -

J ust a stone’s throw from the Wheaton area once known as Whiskey Creek, where Prohibition-era bootleggers would transport liquor in clandestine fashion, Ben Sampson now brews craft beer.

By Kelli Murray -

for a better world

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