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Health & Fitness

  • Hearing impaired get needed phone help

    Many hearing impaired people struggle to decipher conversations over the telephone.  They may manage well with face-to-face conversations, where they ...
    Aug. 18, 2016 - 7:24 am
  • How parents can ease back-to-school anxiety

    S tarting a new school year is an exciting, potentially nerve-wracking time for kids. The way parents manage the first few weeks of classes can make ...
    Aug. 3, 2016 - 9:57 am
  • The microadventure movement

    “It’s always worth it.”  That’s what U.K. author and itinerant traveler Alastair Humphreys says in ...
    Aug. 3, 2016 - 9:48 am
  • Elmhurst finishes second in nation’s Most Beautiful Hospital contest

    Hospitals get rated on a lot of things – quality of care, skill and accomplishments of the medical team, advances in technology offered on site. 
    July 21, 2016 - 7:40 am
  • Depression, anxiety in new moms common and treatable

    A t some point between becoming pregnant and her baby’s first birthday, almost one in five women will struggle with significant anxiety or depression ...
    July 21, 2016 - 7:39 am
  • Drug tests safeguard employees, employers

    Except for transportation and safety-sensitive industries, most employers across America are not federally required to drug test their employees, acco ...
    July 19, 2016 - 7:58 am
  • Dry hearing aids last longer

    Peanut butter and jelly, yes.  Barack and Michelle, yes.  Moisture and hearing aids, no.   Some things shouldn’t go together.  Keeping hearing aids dr ...
    June 5, 2016 - 9:04 am
  • Dr. Barb Webster sees bright future for dentistry

    The field of dentistry is far-reaching; there are many fascinating facets to it, from the scientific side involving materials and techniques, to how t ...
    June 17, 2016 - 9:02 am
  • Pilates mats a good start toward 'true' core fitness

    True physical fitness – strength, stability, balance, health – is not necessarily achieved by "pumping iron" to build up those biceps, triceps and abs ...
    June 3, 2016 - 7:17 am
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