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By Denise Freese

Primary teeth aren’t all that different than permanent teeth.  When a baby’s teeth begin to come in between the ages of 6 months to a year, they require both at-home and professional dental care.  Although primary teeth eventually fall out, they play an important role in a child’s overall health, development, and well being.

By Gina Kraman

“There’s almost nothing the omega-3s you get from fish and fish oil can’t do,” proclaims Dr. Frank Pescatore, a physican specializing in natural healing.  He reports on a study that examined 65,000 women from 1991-2009, which routinely checked their hearing, and surveyed their diets.  Although one in six reported some hearing loss, those eating fish twice a week had a markedly lower risk.

By Kelli Murray -

Local man’s invention keeps young eyes safe from the sun

By Jody Paige -

Forest preserves offer lots of ways to relax and enjoy the outdoors

By Allison Horne

Cantigny’s Emily Burns found her future on the fairway

By Chris Walker -

Jourdan Przybyla finds peace in the long climb

By Gina Kraman

“A colonoscopy is the one cancer screening tool that also cures the detected cancer, as any pre-cancerous polyps can be immediately removed,” explains Dr. Pranjal Shah, internist, Woodridge Clinic.  He follows the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) guidelines by advising his patients to schedule their first screening colonoscopy at age 50, and once every ten years if there are no problems or family history of colorectal cancer. 

By Denise Freese

If you keep putting off a visit to your dentist because you’re concerned about the safety of dental X-rays, you’re not alone.  Although it’s been proven that dental X-rays emit only minimal amounts of radiation, some patients are uncomfortable with it.  The good news is that now there’s a technique called digital imaging that provides many safety and health benefits when compared to the old method.

By Gina Kraman

Stuff cotton in your ears and attend a party.  Hard to interact and have fun?  That’s how many seniors feel as their hearing diminishes.  Without hearing aids, seniors suffering from hearing loss may feel alienated and lonely. 

By Gina Kraman

Overexposure to noise may cause temporary and permanent hearing loss.  The American National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders says that 15 percent of Americans between ages 20 to 69 -- 26 million -- have hearing loss that may be attributed to excessive noise at work or in leisure activities.  About 16 percent of teens also suffer from noise-induced hearing issues.

By C.R. Walker

Many patients require ADHD medication, but there are also natural alternatives that can reduce medication dependency and help you live healthier.

By Denise Freese

Strong, healthy teeth are the result of regular and effective oral hygiene.  It’s important to care for your teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day, and by visiting your dentist twice a year for a thorough cleaning and a cavity check.


Jack Axe Games and Festival to be held in August at Kane County Fairgrounds

By Gina Kraman

Earbuds and headphones may look tiny and harmless, but because they nestle so close to the eardrum, they can produce a sound level beyond a safe level -- even equal to a diesel truck.  However, when headphones are used at about half their potential volume, and for a limited time, researchers say they’re safe, according to

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