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Family in Focus

By Saqib H. Mohajir DMD, FADIA -

Going out to dinner with family, whether it’s at barbecues or at nice restaurant, is one of the great things about summer. People have more time off, and so, of course we tend to eat out more often.  Just remember that when you’re out and considering what to drink with your meal, making bad choices can really impact your dental health.

By Michael Petrucelli -

Selecting your child’s first school may be one of the most exciting, yet intimidating decisions that you will have to make. Children in quality preschool programs improve their social skills, are better at following directions, waiting turns, problem-solving, participating in activities, collaborating, and relating to other children, teachers and parents.  In addition to providing a warm, safe, and nurturing environment, a top quality preschool program should provide a well-rounded experience that helps children become confident, joyful and fully prepared students, while developing a life-long love of learning.

By Michelle Stien -

I keep reminding myself that I am going to make the most of this summer. (I am going to make the most of this summer.  I am going to make the most of this summer.)

By Melissa Riske -

For Anna Weselak, the strength to take charge just came naturally

By Stephanie Kohl -

As summer arrives, the waterways beckon

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