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Dining & Entertaining

By Denise Freese

The benefits of dance are tremendous, at both recreational and competitive levels.  According to, dancing provides good exercise, which can lead to stress reduction, stronger bones and muscles, improved balance and stamina, and even weight loss.  Dancers gain confidence by achieving new skills, and are rewarded with a creative outlet; all you need is the desire to have a good time.

By Sherri Dauskurdas -

Ten romantic dining destinations

By Alixe Lischett -

Cabernet and Company with Alixe Lischett

By Elizabeth Harmon -

When it comes to out-of-town guests, options abound

By Sherri Dauskurdas -

Host a wedding that is distinctively yours, at Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort

By Yvonne Benson -

Couples choose creative alternatives to traditional tiers

By Stephanie Kohl -

Ceremony locations as unique as the bride groom

By Visal Kheam -

It’s coming. The dreaded Chicago winter. And if it will be anything like last winter, we all might as well move to Alaska. There isn’t much to do during a winter like 2013 but cuddle up next to a warm fireplace with your fuzzy blanket and your favorite glass of warm spirits. For most of us, it may be a glass of wine, so I would like to introduce to you my favorite winter wine – port. By the time you are sitting down in front of the fire, you probably have already enjoyed a delicious dinner and a nice bottle of wine to go with it.

By Nadia Tilkian -

Potato Croquettes: Tater Tots for Grownups

By Hannah Peterson -

Cup-a-Joe to go

By Alixe Lischett -

Cabernet and Company with Alixe Lischett

Check out five great options for New Year's Eve in the suburbs...

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