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Dining & Entertaining

By Denise Freese

An important component in any business venture is the quality of the people who run it.  Hiring the best and brightest leads to success and garners the respect of customers, businesses, and the community.  Pure Vibe Dance Center has brought Jen Isaacson into their teaching family, adding to the quality of the instruction they provide their students.

By Visal Kheam -

Have no fear, Chicago’s summer dog days will be coming.  This year’s unusual June rain and flooding days will be numbered and we’ll be wallowing in the muggy humidity soon enough.  Sure, you might pop open suds to fight off the unpleasant heat, but I say wine is for all seasons!

By Chef Joe Pascolla -

Shrimp and watermelon salad

By Shonda Dudlicek -

It’s that age-old grilling question for which there is really no definite answer: Gas or charcoal?

By Alixe Lischett -

Cabernet and Company with Alixe Lischett

By Tom Witom -

Local cooks and backyard grillers turn to skilled butchers

By Denise Freese

Fundraising for charities goes on year-round, with holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving being especially popular.   Companies, churches and individuals all do their part to collect food, clothing, toys, and donations for families in need. Similarly, donations are collected throughout the year for many different charities affiliated with medical concerns; cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and many more.

6 picks for Mother's Day dining

By Nadia Tilkian -

This month, we are going to welcome in the warm weather with this delicious and distinctive alternative to the traditional French Crème Brulèe. Easy to make and comprised of very simple ingredients, this delightful dessert combines creamy custard with the crunch of caramelized sugar for a tasty and elegant treat. Traditionally used as an herb in its native Southeast Asian cuisine, the lemongrass will add a unique, lemony yet sweet flavor and distinct aroma to this rich and flavorful indulgence. This recipe will yield approximately eight 6-ounce servings.While some Rouille recipes call for breadcrumbs, I prefer the smoother consistency and gluten-free alternative provided by using a boiled potato. 

By Visal Kheam -

What you need to know

By Kelli Murray -

Ann Garvey builds family business with grace and good spirits

By Vicki Martinka Petersen -

In the last few decades, downtown La Grange has transformed into a thriving dining destination with a plethora of new restaurants and bars alongside long-time establishments firmly ensconced in the community. The end result is a food lover’s paradise with culinary selections that span the globe.

By Alixe Lischett -

Have you ever found yourself sitting at a bar or in a restaurant and watching the other people? Do you make a game out of it? Do you look at what people are drinking and wonder about them? Do you ever wonder what they’re thinking of you?

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