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Dining & Entertaining

By Alixe Lischett -

Summer time wine

By Vicki Martinka Petersen -

Al fresco fun!

By Yvonne Benson -

Dating and dining converge at dining clubs

By Visal Kheam -

How to taste wine like a pro

By Sherri Dauskurdas -

A trip through suburban wine country

By Wendy Foster -

As attendance at a much beloved tradition in La Grange started to wane, the solution for rejuvenating the event was to introduce a culinary element.  The West End Art Food Festival has showcased top artists from the area for 18 years. 

By Chef Nadia Tilkian -

Classic Cooking with wine: Coq au Vin

By Elizabeth Harmon -

offered at local culinary school

By Sherri Dauskurdas -

Masters of their cuisine

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