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Mixed media savvy

Veronica Bruce blends experience, expertise in a variety of inspired works

Seen from the side, a piece by Veronica Bruce (Provided photo)

Artist Veronica Bruce has just returned to the area after a month-long residency in Nida, Lithuania. Her experience there could likely shape the direction of her new works, which run the gamut from paint to sculpture to photography. Suburban Life Magazine editor Sherri Dauskurdas took a few moments to chat with the Hinsdale native about her overseas experience, her artwork, and her inspirations:

Sherri Dauskurdas:  Describe your art to me, in your own words. Is there a common theme or element that is consistent throughout your collection of pieces?

Veronica Bruce:  I work in units, which include paintings, sculptures, photographs or video pieces. Video is a new format from the last few years. These objects and images stand alone as autonomous works, yet when gathered together they create an interconnected network of decisions. These pieces are all created during relatively similar time periods and influence and refer to one another by materials, marks or underlying concepts. I’m interested in this relationship and the link of choices present in the process of making.

Most of my work, regardless of whether it is a three-dimensional object or painting, contains a balance between delicate consideration and physically rough manipulations or marks.

The concept of using what you have and responding to a certain scenario or the availability of materials is of interest to me. I believe I can create with hardly anything at all and with lots of resources. It doesn’t matter. I strive to maintain my same voice and vocabulary across all of the mediums I choose to work in. The theme of “using all of the parts” is prevalent in my work. This can refer to using up the collection of found objects and materials accumulating in my studio to the desire to use all possible marks from a loaded paintbrush. If I have excess paint on a brush, I find a use for it on another painting strewn across the floor or perhaps a found object from that pile of goods that will later become a part of a sculpture.

Sherri: You've just returned from Lithuania. Why were you there?

Veronica: I was accepted to Nida Art Colony in Nida, Lithuania for a one-month artist residency. My decision was influenced by my paternal heritage and the geographic location in a national park on the Baltic. It’s a landscape of pines, dunes, sea and lagoon on the Curonian Spit. I have discovered that I receive a lot of inspiration from the natural world, and being able to immerse myself in my present environment. This realization was inspired by a 2012 artist residency in Australia. I enjoy the time to fully focus on my work being away from home and how this experience impacts the work.

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