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Suburban Life Sound Off: Dec. 18-24

Building troubles

On p. 2 of the Dec. 13 [Downers Grove] Suburban Life was an article about stormwater management proposals. [Mayor Martin Tully] stated he did not favor regulations that would discourage residents from investing in their homes. Last summer we planned a small addition on our house. Our builder visited Downers Grove Village Hall to apply for the permit. The problems began with the requests of the building department. Our house is on a large lot, plenty of green space, and yet our builder had nothing but problems because of the percent of permeable area and water runoff. We gave up, our builder was disgusted with the permit process, and we canceled the project, so we were unable to invest in our home and enjoy a new little room, yet you can drive through some neighborhoods as well as downtown Downers Grove and see huge houses and condos being built on a not very large parcel of land.

Good plan?

My congressman, [Peter] Roskam, led the fight for the Republican tax plan. I get a teaser tax cut, a cap on my property tax, state income tax and sales tax deduction of $10,000 total, how is this good for me, the state of Illinois or the national debt, which increases by $1 trillion during OK times?

Party of the people?

Now that we have a Republican government, it is clear which party represents the people. It is not the Republicans. They have revealed themselves to be the servants of the wealthy and corporations. No party representing the people would try to destroy health care for 32 million Americans. And now even with a tax plan, the Republicans are still going to destroy health care for 13 million Americans. The Republican tax plan that was jammed through Congress, exacerbates the wealth inequality in our country. Over the next 10 years, $6 trillion will be transferred from the 99 percent to the 1 percemt. And where is the $6 trillion coming from? $4.5 trillion will come from higher taxes on and reduced benefits to the middle class, and $1.5 trillion will be added to the national debt. The fact that the Republican tax plan has middle class tax cuts as temporary and corporate tax cuts as permanent says it all.

Executive orders and golf

Two of Donald Trump's biggest campaign points were Barack Obama's use of the executive order and Barack Obama's numerous times playing golf. Apparently he was impressed by them because he is doing both at about the same rate.

Big bonus

Thank God for [Donald] Trump. My company already gave me a $5 an hour bonus. Per hour for the whole year, that's...almost $10,500 for the whole year. That's fantastic. Because the corporate tax rate went down to 21 percent, and there's so many less regulations. I don't know what these liberal Dems are talking about. All they are is a bunch of snowflake crybabies. They're upset because Trump's a success... The Democrats, all they're concerned about is spending money on liberal causes.

Kept in our place

The Republican congressmen just ensured the elite status of the rich. They get reduced taxes (permanently) while seeing everyone else poorer, sicker and less educated. The rest of us get a temporary tax reduction, a larger national debt, more costly health care (if any at all), a very good chance of loosing Medicare and Medicaid,  reduced deductions (if any at all) for child care, education, SALT, etc. To quote [President Donald] Trump: "I like the poorly educated." I guess the Republicans just like to see the non-rich kept in our places.

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