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Suburban Life Sound Off: Dec. 11-17

New school schedule stressful for parents

District 99 justified the major shift in the school calendar with the argument that students will get a true break during winter break. With the semester ending on Dec. 22, students won't have any papers, projects and other assignments to complete, and they won't have to study for final exams, which normally took place in mid-January. But the new calendar has been rough on parents.  Besides dealing with every other aspect of the December holidays, parents have had to remind their children to get assignments done and to start studying for exams. This holiday season has been far worse, in terms of frayed nerves, for me.

Left out accusations against Trump

The person who said in [last week's] Sound Off column in regards to what would have happened to all of the women who have come forward in regard to being sexually harassed in the case of if Hillary [Clinton] had won the election failed to note that Donald Trump – on tape – has bragged about how he has sexually harassed women. Don't you think that he should resign or be fired? You can't really have it both ways.

Not a true raise

Senior citizens are getting a 2-percent raise in Social Security checks. Well, look again. I'm getting the 2-percent raise, but the Medicare and other charges are costing us more. So it all means that I'm going to get a $4 decrease in my future checks. Is this a cost of living increase? Not in my book.

In favor of investigation

Finally, it is happening. As of [recent] news broadcasts, the federal government is investigating the Planned Parenthood organization for possible violation of federal law that forbids the harvesting and selling of human body parts. Regardless of one's views on the morality of abortion per se, there are laws governing the harvesting, disposition and money flow related to human body parts. The last time I checked, the fetuses and even still-born babies of human persons were still considered to be human.

'Age of Trumpery'

"Trumpery": 1. something showy but worthless 2. nonsense, rubbish. That about sums up [Donald] Trump and the Republican Congress. I would add "inhumane" to describe the Republican attempt to jam through a health care plan that would deny 32 million Americans affordable insurance. ... "Despicable" describes the Republican tax plan that moves more money to the wealthy and corporations at the expense of working Americans. Despite their claims of helping the middle class, the Republican tax plan will only exacerbate the wealth inequality in America. "Unconscionable" describes the Republican destruction of environmental protections, consumer protections, public education, the plundering of national monuments in Utah, disregard for legislative and governmental procedures, and putting anything that benefits the 99 percent on the chopping block.

Investigations needed

Every day, there are new accusers of sexual misconduct. Now, I don't doubt that most, if not all, of these accusations are true. I applaud the victims for finally speaking up. This is an act of courage on their part. But we are taking a "death penalty" approach to every situation. There needs to be a transparent inquiry, investigation or trial, as appropriate, to the accusations. Facts need to be presented to determine an appropriate punishment. A bawdy photo should not be treated the same as a rape. A single incident should not be treated the same as eight or 16 occurences. Without all the facts and a thorough investigation, the victimizer can later claim they were railroaded and continue to proclaim their innocence.

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