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Suburban Life Sound Off: May 8-14

Celebrate 65th birthday
with reduced fares

On your 65th birthday, treat yourself to a Senior RTA pass and receive a 50 percent reduction in fares. This means that from Downers Grove, for example, your fare to Union Station is only $3.25 instead of $6.50. Apply at senior fare registration locations located within many local village or township offices. Complete a brief application, have your picture taken (nominal fee), produce proof of address, and your pass will be mailed to you. All of this information is available online. Happy 65th!

Ryan-Trump Care is fake care

The Republican representatives in the US House are hypocrites, liars, scoundrels and cowards. In 2009, Paul Ryan criticized the Democrats for not reading the ACA. Now in 2017, the Republicans have not read their AHCA. Hypocrites. The Republicans say their AHCA is an improvement to healthcare. Liars. In 2009, they required the ACA to cover those in Congress. But now in 2017, the Republicans don’t want any part of their AHCA. If the AHCA is an improvement to healthcare, then why did they exclude Congress from its provisions. Scoundrels and hypocrites. They didn’t have the confidence in their AHCA to follow the legislative process and have committee hearings, public comments, town hall meetings in their districts or even an evaluation by the Congressional Budget Office. Cowards.

Not paid to protest

As  a “protester” myself,  I know for a fact they are not paid by anyone. They are concerned citizens deeply worried about the direction of this country. We make our own signs, travel, take time off of work (I am retired), etc., at our own expense. Before you condemn the demonstrators, get your facts straight. Maybe you should talk (and listen) to people with different views, not just parrot right wing propagandists. This what we do in a real democracy and it is what has made America the great country it is now. We just want to keep it great.

Must haved missed the
memo on paid protests

I feel like I got ripped off. I must have missed the info on how to get paid to participate in several marches downtown against the Trump agenda. I wonder if all the other parents I saw on the Metra train, some with their kids, many with their homemade signs knew they were supposed to get paid to express their views about an uninformed and erratic new president. Of course, I don’t read Breitbart made-up news, so I didn’t know protesters are supposedly paid.

Protestors are neighbors

I was very surprised to see that there was a Sound Off opinion stating that people think protesters can’t accept a Republican is in charge. There are protesters who have actually accepted the Republican president and have actually moved on. The legislation changes are hitting these people, their family, and their friends personally. The protesters are neighbors, friends, and family that are not paid and are not getting any help from elected officials that refuse to meet with the people they claim to represent. One representative ducks and hides and refuses meetings with people who have voted him into office who disagree with the representative. There is a lot of articles written about the subject that are not creditable sources. If protesting was a paying job, more people would be doing it.

The ‘gift of life’ needed

As a blood donor who has given 217 times, I can assure everyone that my health was never jeopardized because of those 27 gallons. And I will turn 80 in one month. So, I am puzzled by the few healthy adults who donate for the patients in our area hospitals. Maybe they don’t realize that one of every seven patients will require a transfusion. Or perhaps they are playing the odds that they will never need “the gift of life” following an emergency and that blood will always be on hand. For them, here is a little-known fact of life: Fewer than 10 percent of healthy eligible Americans donate blood. That means the other 90 percent have to depend on those few who contribute.

Fact checking is
important in internet age

A recent “sound off” tried to perpetuate the thoroughly debunked myth that recent protesters are all paid protesters citing “articles” as his/her proof. Now, I’m not concerned about what one person in a tinfoil hat thinks, but he/she does illustrate an unintended consequence of the internet age. Instead of basing opinions on reputable sources using fact checking and the scientific method to collect unbiased data, people can now use the internet to find countless “articles” of questionable validity to reinforce conspiracy theories they already wanted to believe and are primarily based on speculation and conjecture. That is why in this internet age of “fake news” and “alternative facts” it is of the utmost importance that we use fact checking and the scientific method (which is specifically designed to collect data and answer questions without bias) as the standard of proof.

Right as Americans to protest

I take great exception to the recent letter writers that criticize protesters. My wife and I ( independents) marched in several events and did not receive a dime. We both have decent jobs. It is our right as American citizens to protest as we see fit – as long as it is lawful and non-violent. There also has been no evidence of any large scale voter fraud as one “Republican” claimed. I will say that the current president has mis-spoken on numerous times. Is that a good characteristic for our president to have – a liar! I was raised to always tell the truth. He was raised to tell the big lie and con folks. Perhaps you both like lies! Maybe it’s time that you thought some original ideas of your own rather than swallowing the lies from the present administration!

In response to ‘protesters
are paid to be there’

Please stop reading Breitbart and turn off Fox News. You clearly need to hear and read some real facts. These alleged “paid protestors” that you speak off are not in fact paid protestors but concerned neighbors. I know because I am one of them. I am a proud Glen Ellyn resident who has marched to raise my voice against Trump’s anti-healthcare, anti-woman and anti-science agenda. I have marched because own Congressman Peter Roskam would rather listen to Paul Ryan and Trump than host a Town Hall with his constituents. How much have I been paid? Zero. Then why would I do it? Simply to raise my voice as is my right laid down in the Constitution. Maybe you should read it.

Seeking clarity
on Sound Off items

Being new to Downers Grove my wife and I have really enjoyed hearing from others in the area in Sound Off.  We do have to admit that some of the letters are a bit confusing and hope that writers will help to enlighten us. 1. “Protesters paid to be there” – As an unemployed 59 year old male I would be very interested in this type of position. Unfortunately after spending several hours searching both conservative and liberal media I was unable to find any of these positions so please post a link next time. 2. “Not enough jobs” – I agree but my question is, where are these jobs going to come from? For example, while I might be willing to accept minimum wage for the protester position rather than a fast food job (since I can no longer find work in my previous field due to my age) I would prefer to be paid $15 an hour.

Park District baseball diamond should be open to taxpayers

Can I ask why Elmhurst College baseball team can use the big baseball diamond at Butterfield park that is under lock and key to the tax payers in Elmhurst? I don’t believe Elmhurst college pays any taxes to support Elmhurst Park district.

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