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Suburban Life Sound Off: April 10-16

Change needed in Illinois

I consider myself an independent centrist politically and analyze candidates based on qualifications and assets and vote for the one(s) I feel will benefit the most (not just me!). I am willing to hear both sides of an argument or discussion and make a rational, educated decision. When I hear the rantings of Democrats whose tunnel-visioned and socialistic views of life drown out reason and good sense, it’s no wonder our country and this state are in the condition they are. You Democrats who hate anyone who thinks clearer than you need to look at Illinois.....40 years of democrat control....then hear a Democrat candidate for governor state that the current governor is to blame for the state woes after only 2 years of being stonewalled by Democrat despots...Since the beginning of this great republic, people were expected to take care of themselves, not extend their sticky fingers out for unearned handouts. Democrats and Republicans...Listen!...can you hear my side?

Roskam needs a town hall

In the last week, Congressman Roskam has been at Touch a Tractor, the Village of Hawthorne Woods, Coffee with the Cops in Glen Ellyn, the School Nutrition Association – but you call and ask him when his town hall is going to be held, they tell you he does not do town halls, so he is apparently only interested in certain individuals and certain groups. The constituents of his district have continued to ask for a town hall and has continued to decline us. Congressman Roskam, we the people of your district request a town hall as soon as possible so that we can speak to you openly and candidly about what is going on in our district and in Washington, D.C.

Investigate Russia and Trump

I would like to respond to the Sound off “America voted for Donald Trump, not Russia.” The author of that particular Sound Off said “It was the American people who voted for Trump, not Russia, so why don’t they get on and do something else besides dragging this up over and over again. It’s ridiculous.” It seems clear from the news report that Russians interfered with our election by in part inserting fake news reports on social media. Is it possible that the American people were informed by these fake news reports before the election? If the Russians would not have interfered would as many people have voted for Trump? ... If there were such coordination, what would you call those members of the Trump organization that colluded with the Russians, Personally, I think they need to be thoroughly investigated.

Republicans not party for America

Starting with Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have steadily moved us from a Democratic Republic to a Fascist Oligarchy. Ronald Reagan said, “Our government isn’t the solution to the problem, it is the problem”. The Republicans, as the tools of corporations and the wealthy, acted on those words. The Republicans have pushed legislation in the States and in Congress that weaken or eliminate the Public’s rights and protections. ... Republicans have pushed legislation that weakens Labor Unions’ right to form and collectively bargain, weaken or eliminate environmental protections, weaken or eliminate consumer protections, eliminates or attacks any regulatory protection that attempts to constrain the unbounded greed of corporations and Wall Street bankers, weakens the Voting Rights Act, aggressively perpetrates voter suppression and arrogantly violates the Constitution ... The Republicans are not the party of the people, they are the bought and paid for party of the 1 percent. The party of the Fascist Oligarchy.

Being thankful

It isn’t Thanksgiving yet. But I am thankful that Russia and Syria did not bomb us for poisoning the children in Flint Michigan and for us gassing the protesters at Standing Rock.

Medicare for all wouldn’t work

To the caller asking why not Medicare for all and free college tuition. Take Economics 101 or get common sense. When something is free, demand skyrockets. On the 25th anniversary of Medicare, its costs were 800 percent of its original forecast. Medicare is full of waste fraud. Boost the minimum wage and jobs disappear. Air and water are already clean except when costly accidents happen. Social Security is not funded and will go broke – it should be privatized instead. Look at states controlled by Democrats with high taxes and low job growth. Republicans know economics and want everyone to abide by the law and be treated equally without special privileges.

Weight room etiquette

This is to the guys at the fitness center – please don’t reserve three machines by putting your towels there so you can do your little circuits. Other people would like to use those machines too, and it makes it very difficult. Also, please remember to re-rack your weights.

United Airlines fiasco

I’m calling in regards to the recent fiasco with United Airlines and the doctor that was on the plane. Me and my wife just could not believe what we saw – we thought there was some, I don’t know, video of some prank. But after further acknowledgement its looked like a very serious situation. I do hope that those who did something wrong do get punished or reprimanded and I do hope the airlines’ regards for future travel with passengers reconsider their policy and do what they do.

Downers Grove forum

In and effort to better inform and educate the Voters of Downers Grove, I will be attending the Forum on Redevelopment of the Downers Grove Civic Center on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 1pm at the Lincoln Center on Maple Avenue. Voters who participated in the Referendum two years ago expressed their views to expand the Police Department and Update the Village Hall. The Village has offered its Civic Center Property for Redevelopment in the quest for more tax revenue and housing units close the Burlington Railroad. I believe that this forum is a must for voters who expressed themselves on that referendum. Hope all Downers Grove Voters who participated in this referendum will attend to have their voices heard.

Downers Grove tree butchery

I’m calling in regards to Downers Grove hired some outfit to trim our fairly new trees on the parkway and I don’t know what other people think but they really kind of ruined the look of the trees we had. They were getting very nicely shaped and they just butchered a flowering crab tree I had on the parkway that was really a beautiful tree. I think the village should get a good arborist or something to keep track of these guys – they just came through and chopped them up and they’re a really goofy shape now.

Downers Grove library needs parking badly

As a senior citizen residing in Downers Grove I love using the library for many things. But the parking there is absolutely ridiculous. It seems that every time I go there I have to play this game and drive around the parking lot for 10 minutes or more looking for a place to park ... People are sick of it. ... I know that the people that work for the library won’t like this, but as some sort of solution to this problem I think that library employees should be asked to park in the village parking tower off of Curtiss Street or somewhere else if they can. I know that this won’t solve the problem, but it might help out a little. ... I can only imagine how bad this problem is going to get once all of these new condo and townhouses are finished up this and next year in the downtown area.

Too much development in Downers Grove

I just can’t figure out what the town planners of Downers Grove were thinking, except that the dollar signs must have been rolling in their eyes. The amount of town home, condo, apartment, and senior home developments in the downtown area is just overwhelming. Everywhere you look they are building these massive projects, and all right in the immediate downtown area. Traffic in the downtown area now is out of control. ... Now, the genius town planners are adding what, another 300 to 400 more residences to the immediate area with no thought of how its going to impact the traffic going through the downtown area. Then lets add to the already ridiculous parking problem and it is going to be a disaster for the downtown area. You can kiss that nice feeling of quaint old downtown Downers Grove goodbye forever. ... Welcome to the new Schaumburg or Orland Park!

Bigger government not right for America

In response. First Medicare states it all. Free college? Heck no! I paid for mine! National living wages? Are these people working? Get paid what you’re worth! Social Security was free until government started borrowing! Fair tax code would be a flat tax! Collective bargaining is union. Will not pay dues and unions support the lazy. Free voting is for legal citizens only! We support rights for citizens. And Democrats are the restrictive ones. They want to control all in a socialistic format. Example Obamacare. A male has to pay insurance for ovarian cancer. Ummm. Says it all.

U.S. health care isn’t good enough

A few weeks ago my shout out about how the U.S.A.’s health care system is ranked 37th was published. A reader replied and the reader discussed the importance of fake news and fake facts, detailing some of the U.S.A.’s health care strengths without pursuing the facts on the ranking. The study was done by the World Health organization in 2000, it is still referenced as the best study done. Another study by Time Inc. in 2014 rates the U.S.A.’s health care system as the worst of 11 wealthy nations. Our health care system is costing us lives and money because of the involvement of insurance companies. I wonder if the reader to doubted the facts without checking them works for a health care insurance company. I encourage all of use to pursue the truth with facts.

Keep recycling

To the caller who has stopped recycling: Waste Management is right to refuse your plastic bags. Plastic bags clog their equipment and cause breakdowns.. Plastic bags are not acceptable. Paper bags are fine.

North Korea a distraction

Suppose North Korea or China or Russia demanded that we eliminate our nuclear arsenal. Would we comply? Of course not. We would tell them to go pound sand. So why should the North Koreans comply with our demand. They are a sovereign nation just as much as we are. ... But Trump sees this as an opportunity to deflect from the real issues our country faces; his Russian connection, his violation of the U.S. Constitution Emoluments clause, the Senate’s violation of the US Constitution on Supreme Court appointments, his violation of the War Powers Act, Republican rolling back environmental and consumer protections, Republican attacks on health care, Social Security, Public education, a tax code that promotes wealth inequality and Republican violation of the spirit of the U.S. Constitution amendments 9, 15, 24 and 26 with their voter suppression tactics. These are the real threats to our Democracy.

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