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Suburban Life Sound Off: April 3-9

Playgrounds should be for playing

Playgrounds are for children. The Roosevelt school playground in Cicero is being used as a parking lot on weekends by St. Anthony church with hundreds of cars. I do not know the financial arrangement between the school and the church or who is paying for the liability insurance, but this is a dangerous situation for our precious children.

Give Garland his hearing

The role of the Supreme Court has evolved over the life of our nation. It has become a vital part of our system of checks and balances. President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, was not only a fine legal scholar, but had a history of well-reasoned, balanced legal decisions. The Constitution was violated by the Republicans when they refused to fulfill their Constitutional responsibility and give Judge Garland a hearing and a vote. ... Unlike President Trump’s nominee, Neil Gorsuch, whose legal credentials belie a legal temperament and decision-making that always rules in favor of corporations and against the consumer or employee. He is, by his own legal decisions, not a protector of the American public. ... Merrick Garland should be given his due consideration. All nominees should meet a 60 vote threshold to insure they have a balanced judicial temperament and are not just a politician in a robe.

Keep the Environmental
Protection Agency

Cutting the funding and effectiveness of the EPA is short-sighted. The EPA protects our drinking water, air, and animal life, advances science and helps mitigate global warming. To sacrifice these tremendous benefits to save a few dollars, gain a few temporary jobs and increase corporate profits will surely be regretted by us and our children. Maybe we should all read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring to understand what could happen if the EPA goes away.

Too much work to recycle

Waste Management is starting to harass people about exactly what they put in their recyclables. I had my so-called garbage rejected – it was recyclables in a plastic bag. I got news for Waste Management – my priorities are my decreasing standard of living, the increasing tax burden I’m forced to bear and crime. Recycling is really not at the top of the list. I’ll do what I can but if it’s not good enough for Waste Management, perhaps I shouldn’t recycle at all. When will municipalities figure out that taxpayers are tired of being harassed about recycling? People who work for a living have more pressing priorities.

Why is the country divided
on some issues?

Our country is divided. But why? I would like a Republican to explain why we cannot have Medicare for All? Why we cannot have free college tuition? Why we cannot have a national living wage? Why we cannot have environmental protections? Why we cannot have consumer protections? Why we cannot have Social Security free from the greed of privatization? Why we cannot have a fair tax code that does not favor the wealthy and corporations? Why we cannot have collective bargaining? Why we cannot have voting rights free from Republican voter suppression tactics? Why we cannot have a society where rights are for all Americans to enjoy regardless of our differences? Why we cannot have a society where the goal is to expand freedoms rather than attempt to impose a single, restrictive point of view? Please explain why Republicans oppose such ideas? What do you fear from these freedoms?

Trump against illegal immigrants

From everything I have read in the media is that [President Donald] Trump is against immigrants. Let’s get the facts straight! He is against illegal immigrants! There is a huge difference! Illegals cross borders! Immigrants come across our borders being vetted for our country! People, get the facts before running your mouth! He is after illegals! I fully agree and support him! 

Few voters made a difference
in District 41 referendum

By a margin of 11 votes, 2,663 voters (out of 5,315 who went to the polls) in Glen Ellyn School District 41 passed a referendum to increase the taxes of many thousands of residents in the district. Thus, an example of why voting is important, regardless of which side of the issue one is on. Complainers, remember this result in the future.

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