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Suburban Life Sound Off: March 27-April 2

Why not Medicare for all?

Why do only workers pay Social Security tax on income up to $118,000? Why not income above $118,000 and capital gains and dividends? Shouldn’t the wealthy who have done well contribute to those who haven’t? Why do only the employed with benefits and the wealthy have health care insurance? Why not all Americans? Aren’t all Americans subject to illness and accidents, either by their actions or the actions of others? Why do only Americans 65 and older get Medicare health care? Why not all Americans as Medicare was originally intended at its inception in 1964? Medicare has worked for the 65+ American for more than 50 years. Why do Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world? Why not have pharmaceutical companies charge Americans the same as other countries? Why do Republicans resist Medicare for All? Why not save the $608 billion per year that would come from a Medicare for All system? Isn’t that the sound fiscal policy Republicans are always demanding?

Poetic “America”

Take time to read Langston Hughes’ poem, “America”. It suggests what we must become.

Americans voted
for Donald Trump, not Russia

All this business about Russia interfering with our election – it’s the American people who elected Trump, not the Russian government. And our government gives other country’s presidents and dictators money for their elections – I mean why haven’t the senators and the congressmen said anything about that? ... It was American citizens who voted for Trump, not Russia, so why don’t they get on and do something else besides keep dragging this up over and over again. It’s ridiculous.

U.S. health care better than you say

To the caller claiming that the U.S. health care is rated number 37 – you don’t mean healthier, you mean life expectancy. Don’t blame the U.S. health care system on violence, obesity and historical tobacco use. If these were average, U.S. life expectancy would be number one and according to the book “The Business of Health” U.S. health care wait times and treatments are the best in the world. Fake news plus lies like you can keep your doctor and insurance enabled the disaster called Obamacare could be imposed.

Drive without your phone

How about instead of asking the selfish drivers of the state of Illinois to stop driving distracted (like with a phone in hand) because they clearly cannot handle the responsibility of safely operating a motor vehicle we ask that the police do their job and enforce the law. It’s pretty clear that driving while distracted is on a path to cause more fatal accidents than even drunk driving and you see the state throwing resources behind that because it makes the state money. You know what I would like more than our state making more money (since they don’t know what to do with it anyway) is a safer state where OUR police force actually does something to protect us all from each other and start making a point to enforce the hands free driving laws. Protect and serve? Try starting with the simple things, officer/s.

What’s the value of the EPA?

The Environmental Protection is laying off 25 percent of its employees and scrapping more than 50 percent of its programs. Why are we wasting our money, our tax dollars on electric car research? Environmental studies in the high schools? Earth Helpers in the elementary schools? When are we going to tell people that those are not real? That we need to burn coal and not worry about the environment? So many college kids now going to school to study the environment and when they graduate there won’t be any jobs. Who needs more waste of tax money? Spend it on things that will benefit us.

No Constitution violation
in Supreme Court nomination

To the caller claiming Judge Gorsuch violated the Constitution by accepting his nomination, stop lying and start reading the Constitution. Nowhere does it say that a hearing or a vote on a Supreme Court nominees is required. In the last year of G.W. Bush’s presidency, senators Schumer and Biden said they would not allow a vote if Bush nominated a Supreme Court justice. What goes around comes around, and for goodness’ sake stop listening to the liberal fake media.

Donald Trump and Pence not leadership material

I did not vote for Trump and Pence. Why? Trump’s money doesn’t impress me. What does impress me, negatively, is that he uses bankruptcy as a strategy. Bankruptcy leaves employees without income, severance and health insurance. Ethically, I can’t tolerate that kind of self-serving choice, especially when Trump brags about his personal billions of dollars in his portfolio. Pence described himself first and foremost as a Christian then as a politician. The Constitutional decree of separation between church and state is one I firmly agree with. ... Now Pence has been exposed as being unable to dine alone with women other than his wife and being unable to go gatherings where alcohol is served unless his wife is with him. ... The United States of America is being governed by a man who is void of ethics and the backup man can’t be responsible for his behavior around women and alcohol.

New Downers Grove Village Hall/police department location?

I was wondering if anybody from the Village of Downers Grove had considered the ... property on Belmont and Wisconsin for use as the City Hall / Police Department. It’s an attractive building with lots of room in the back and lots of parking – sounds like a good choice to me.

OIl tanks a problem in Lemont

Did the part-time mayor of Lemont know about the oil tanks that went up on the north side of Lemont? I heard plenty about the annexation problem with Palos, but somehow I didn’t hear or read anything about the oil tanks, but even if you don’t see them you can smell them early in the morning. But then he won’t – he’s moving right?

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