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Suburban Life Sound Off: March 6-12

Rauner shouldn’t compromise

I want to thank Gov. [Bruce] Rauner for his lack of willingness to compromise. In my honest opinion ... I think compromise is what has gotten our state to these dire straits. You go, governor. You work for the people. These union types say that they are working for the people, but my schnoz says they’re working for their pocketbooks. You go, governor. Get us a budget, get us one that favors the people.

Fair taxes for Illinois

To the anti-tax writers: if you compare Illinois to our Midwest neighbors of Minnesota, Wisconson, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and Kentucky you will find Illinois has one of the lowest income tax rates. Illinois has a comparable total overall tax consisting of income, sales, property and gasoline taxes. Illinois has the third lowest flat tax rate in the country. Illinois population is 12.8 million compared to the 3.1 to 9.9 of our neighbors. ... But if taxes were the motivation for leaving our state, people would be flocking to the nine states that have no income tax. ... If political morass and corruption were the motivation for leaving, then good luck with that. Illinois does not have a monopoly in that area. If you want a modern society, then taxes are the way we pay for it. But they should be fair and used appropriately. I advocate a graduated income tax rate, as 33 other states have, rather than our flat tax. ... We should not balance our budget on those in our society that are the least able to pay. Income tax increases should be targeted, just like Social Security and Medicare taxes are targeted.

LGBTQ glitter instead of ashes too much on Ash Wednesday

I was appalled what I saw on television and in the major newspaper. I think there was a priest or someone to that effect putting glitter on people on the outside of a building somewhere and various locations, and I was really taken aback as a Catholic and I hope someone would acknowledge that and see what’s going on. I have nothing against anyone or anything like that or against any religion, but needless to say, what is this world coming to?

Trump using accusations
without foundation

Remember when [Donald] Trump ranted and raved about [Barack] Obama not being an American citizen all through the campaign, egging people on to make racial slurs? Then after the election he admits, “Oh, he really is a citizen of the United States.” Let’s face it – his Russian connections are being investigated, so this is just another example of his fake news to direct the spotlight someplace else other than himself. Check public records in his taxes, see what’s there – no one stonewalls about not releasing taxes unless there is something to be found that would be detrimental to that person if it was public.

Bigger government means more room for special interests

To the caller saying democracy is declining – you are right, but for the wrong reasons. When government gets big it buys more stuff, hires more people, gives out more entitlements and regulates more. That results in more special interest groups who try to influence the government, lobbying and political spending skyrocket. At least President Trump was able to get around that, spending one-third less to get elected than what Hillary spent and lost.

Ungrateful immigrants?

Me and my friends are so tired of these ungrateful immigrants who come to the United States and demonstrate. They chant “Gimme, gimme, gimme, I want, I want. Change the laws for me, change the laws for me.” But if they have it so bad here, why don’t they go back to their country and demand the same thing from their government? I guess it’s a shame that they had to come here and be so ungrateful. Why don’t they just go home where they belong?

End money to Iran while they keep Americans

With all due respect to the new president, some things will never change. The last president authorized the delivery of tens of millions of dollars stacked up on a wooden pallet to Iran, even though American citizens remained locked up on phony charges in Iranian torture prisons. The new president is still sending millions to Iran, and the same Americans remain in the same prisons. Supposedly the U.S.A. does not pay ransom – call it what you will but our citizens are still locked up by the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism and the Iranians still are chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” even though they receive each and every regular payment from the U.S.A. One reason I voted for Trump was because I believed he would end such hypocrisy. He did not. Oh well. At least these millions are keeping the American prisoners alive.

Immigrants are changing America

The people that want to come to the United States of America should stop and think why they want to come here, and once they get here, they’re trying to change America. I work with the general public, and I’m sick and tired of being told that I need to speak another language. English is the language of the United States and help us God if that ever changes.

Republican Affordable Care Act replacement lacking

Eight years and 60 votes later, the Republican plan to kill the [Affordable Care Act, Obamacare] and improve health care has been bestowed on us. The Republicans will be touting access, personal responsibility, lower costs and health savings accounts. ... In a nutshell, the ACA imposed higher taxes on those making greater than $250,000 to provide the funding for the premium subsidies the less wealthy needed in order to pay the unregulated premiums that the for-profit insurance companies charge. And the Republicans, at the behest of their wealthy, greedy donors, pledged to do everything they could to kill the ACA and restore the tax money to its rightful owners.

More open spaces
in Downers Grove

Enough is enough! The built environment of Downers is indeed becoming ever more mediocre with each new non-descript condo or apartment building. For the well being of ourselves and our community I urge Mayor Tully, City Council and citizens alike to become a bit more imaginative and work toward a more humane desirable environment. Open spaces are priceless. Work with what we have. It is time to put the Grove back in Downers!

Downers Grove supported Roskam, not Trump?

In November, approximately 58 percent of Downers Grove and 60 percent of DuPage voted against Trump in the election, which makes me wonder why Peter Roskam retained his seat. I think it’s because Roskam is not exactly forthcoming with his support of Trump (and in fact ignored or literally ran away from questions about this prior to the election). Please know that his “Trump Score” – the percentage he supports Trump’s positions – is in actuality 100 percent. On top of that, he refuses to meet with his constituents in a non-paid, non-partisan public forum, effectively ignoring many of us. Please keep this in mind in 2018.

Limit homelessness access
to Downers Grove library

As much as I enjoy the Downers Grove Public Library, as of late it’s become a bit of an issue as far as the so-called guest passes for guest patrons is concerned. And I’m mainly speaking of the homeless people that come to the library. They seem to have lost all manners when they walk in the door, usually drinking and eating at the computers, using the bathrooms as their own shower stalls, staying there all day, occupying the computers for tax-paying residents of the area ... I think policy should be changed in order for residents to have first say-so in using materials, particularly the computers and guest passes be limited to no more than maybe three hours a day at the very most. ... I’m not trying to restrict people, just give those that have earned it and respect the library and the surroundings and the materials and the people that are there their just due.

Glen Ellyn District 41
kids worth referendum

District 41 has a referendum on the ballot for April 4. This referendum is asking for $24 million to fund vitally important improvements to our schools. Churchill Elementary does not have a secure entrance, meaning anyone could enter the school building and have easy access to classrooms full of kids. This has to change. Hadley Junior High still has portable classrooms, which are unsafe in severe weather and limit instruction time due to longer transition time between classes. These and other issues would be addressed by the referendum, and the fiscally responsible thing is to do this now, rather than wait. Our kids are worth it!

Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 should use money better, not ask for more

The Monroe Middle School lights are on for the football field with no one on the field. They want more taxes for the schools? Maybe if they used the funds right they might not need higher taxes.

Egofske not experienced
enough for Lemont

Mayoral candidate John Egofske is running for mayor of Lemont. For those who are not aware, his wife, Louise, is our park director, earning the highest paycheck at the district. ... To my knowledge he has not served on a board in the village or any local committees. How can we possibly elect someone without proven community leadership or a record of public service? I feel stepping into this office requires building relationships at a local, county and state level. His strong relationship seems to be with local builders, mortgage and real estate professionals. ... If elected as husband and wife they would heavily influence the boards that make decisions with our tax dollars – this is a clear conflict of interest in my mind. ... True leadership comes from building relationships and trust. After years of giving of your personal time, you are then qualified ... Please make the right choice of proven leadership on April 4.

Post office improvements
needed in Lemont

Lemont is said to be a very affluent town. Can anyone tell me why then do we have to put up with an outdated, extremely slow post office? They only have one person behind the counter no matter what time of day or how many people are standing and waiting in line! Romeoville post office puts Lemont to shame!

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