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A pharmacist’s perspective after some reading and study

Suburban Life Magazine

Intrigued by the presence and complications of autoimmune disorders, I decided to further my research on the topic. Of the sources I discovered, two publications stood out:
•    “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS” by Dr. Stephen B. Edelson, M.D.
•    “The Probiotics Revolution” by Dr. Gary B. Huffnagle, Ph.D

Here’s what I have come to discover:
If you have one autoimmune disorder you probably have 10, and there probably are 100 health conditions that ought to be called autoimmune disease, and most are being caused by metals, mainly mercury, hiding in different tissues, causing different symptoms.

Here’s how it works:
Different foods cause inflammation, and act like an “army” with a search and destroy mission to find those metals or mercury, causing damage to the tissues. This “army” discovers the hidden mercury, and presents with symptoms of autoimmune disorder – things like food sensitivities.

ALCAT blood testing, available at the pharmacy, can determine which foods are causing the inflammation. Eliminating and rotating these foods can help to eliminate the inflammation or the mission to find these metal toxins. 

Food sensitivities are much delayed than their allergy counterparts. If one has a diagnosed autoimmune disorder and eats a highly sensitizing food, a reaction may start as late as two weeks after consumption, and may take two to four months to heal.  Unless you test for these foods, you’ll likely never see this connection to your symptoms.  No doubt dairy and wheat are big players in this army.

But there are ways to counter the symptoms and begin to feel better.

Florajen3 (a probiotic) and 95 percent FOS (fructoolegosaccharides - a prebiotic) when taken daily increases the health of our bodies intestinal biome. This combination, called “synbiotic therapy” offers the highest cell cultures at the lowest cost in the market, averaging about $27 per month.  More information is available at Glen Ellyn Pharmacy to drive consumer understanding of this important dietary issue.

The next dot is the connection to Vitamin D.  For the most part, these autoimmune disorders remain nearly non-existent at the equator, where the sun angle is providing higher levels of this metal detoxing vitamin.   The incidence of autoimmune disorders begins to increase at about 32 degrees of latitude. (In America, at about Atlanta, Georgia.) By 32 degrees we cannot acquire free vitamin D from the sun all year long.  In Chicago we cannot make any from mid-October until mid-March. 

For example, one autoimmune disorder is diabetes, and in Northern Finland, the population experiences juvenile diabetes at its highest incidence rate.  Giving babies 1000 IU daily dietary vitamin D supplementation eliminated 90 percent of those cases.

The last dot is the testing for species and location of mercury in our bodies.  The Mercury-Tri-Test from QuickSilver Scientific is a hair, urine and blood test for both the elemental and inorganic forms of mercury.  Test creator and inorganic chemist Chris Shade, considers the removal of the metal toxins to be a long-term process - a marathon not a sprint.  His detoxing program suggests three months of therapy and three months rest, with retesting to validate reductions in these hidden stores of metals. 

Here’s why:
He attests that you have to get the metals out of the cells and into the transportation mechanism of the body, then on to the excretion pathways.  If any one of the steps is not working well, the “highway” backs up.  This leaves the metals still hidden in the tissues, attracting that army of foods to continue the attack and destroy mission. This dot in the process may take two years to complete. 

Shade finds the silver dental fillings and mercury amalgams to be the source of the elemental mercury, while fish consumption (especially tuna) is the main source of organic or methyl mercury.  Older preservatives such as ethyl mercury, used in in immunizations, can have an effect on the overall mercury load of these autoimmune disorders.  Links even have been found to autism (now considered an autoimmune disease) and low vitamin D.

These autoimmune conditions seem to be growing and advancing, resulting in more sick people in the population.  Causes could include the manner of our birth, or even how our grandmothers were born.  Our diet is playing a large role, as is the overall condition of our immune systems. If you’re concerned, get more information or purchase one of several tests mentioned in this article at Glen Ellyn Pharmacy.

Bob Listecki is a pharmacist with
Glen Ellyn Pharmacy, located at
486 Roosevelt Road.

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