Western Springs sisters to keep Kirschbaum's Bakery job in the family

WESTERN SPRINGS – After joining the team at Kirschbaum's Bakery back in June of 2012, Jillian Chlumsky has said good-bye to her coworkers, but left the bakery something behind to remember her by – her younger sister.

Lyndon Chlumsky, a 16-year-old sophomore at Lyons Township High School, became an official employee at the bakery about a month ago.

"I'm pretty comfortable with everything [now]," Lyndon said. "At first I was kind of shaky, but now I feel a little solid with everything."

After passing down the reigns, the two Western Spring residents practiced the bakery's pricing together to be sure Lyndon was prepared, according to Jillian.

"I knew right away she'd like work just as much as I did," Jillian said.

The push to have her little sister join the bakery's payroll stemmed from the bakery's positive atmosphere and relationships with coworkers, Jillian said.

"It's a great place to work," the junior at University of Illinois at Chicago said. "It's a really positive work environment [with] really great customers. I made a lot of good friends while there."

"Its not something I'm going to forget," Jillian said. "I've loved working with everyone there."

Working at Kirschbaum's Bakery was the perfect first job, according to Jillian, who was recently racking up 40 hours a week at the shop, at 825 Burlington Ave.

Both Chlumsky sisters had the opportunity to work together over Easter weekend, which Jillian described as a fun experience for her.

"I'm actually amazed with how she's doing," Jillian said. "I'd go back just to work with her again."

Lyndon, who said she was nervous to start at the bakery, said she didn't feel as connected at the other places she applied to.

"[Kirschbaum's] is a really nice place to be and the people are really great," Lyndon said. 

"It's cool how we're keeping it with the family," Lyndon said. "When I started everyone said, 'oh you're Jillian's sister, [we] love Jillian.'"


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