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Opinion-Senior prom posals at Warren Township High School

GURNEE- Amidst the college visits, AP exams, and scholarship applications, students are preparing for one of the biggest traditions amongst American high schools: the senior prom. For both guys and girls, a perfect “promposal” is something special; it is a memory that they will look back on for a long time. Here are some stories of this year’s senior promposals.

For Alex Landry, her promposal was the cherry on top to the perfect weekend she was having:

“The weekend I was asked to prom, I had made the Illinette dance team. The day after, I had a dance show, and Dominick and a few other friends came to watch. When the show was finished, I was taking my time as I usually do after shows, but my sister was rushing me more than usual this time. I did not think much of it. However, when I got to the place where all of the friends and family meet the dancers, I saw him holding the sign on the balcony with flowers and it said ”Hey Illinette, Prom?” I happily said yes!”

Julia Relova received a treat while reading her lines for the musical:

“I was during rehearsal for the upcoming musical. Mrs. Riddell, one of our directors, told me we were adding in a scene and handed me the script. Haley Carpenter, a junior who plays the witch, was part of this "scene.” In one of her lines, she dropped the question asking me to go to prom with Charlie! When I turned around, there was Charlie with a box full of cupcakes! I was so surprised because I had no idea he was going to be asking me. I was really excited!”

Ieva Marcinkeviciute had a perfect evening in the woods with her date:

“Last Friday my friends told me we were all having a bonfire, so I went to the special spot we have in the woods. Turns out there was no bonfire, but instead a tent my date had set up! When Alex opened it, there was a small stuffed goat and a cake. He then said "will you goat to prom with me?" Afterwards we sat in the tent and watched movies.”

Saúl Gonzalez asked his date with a heartfelt song he composed:

“‘I Have to make it special’ is the first thing that comes into our minds [when we prompose]. For me, “special” meant her, a song, my guitar, and that perfect moment. I wanted to write her a song, so for two weeks I studied how felt when I was around her. I remember that moment when I got in the spotlight to ask her to be the one: I saw everybody but then, I could only see her. ‘Cause you make me feel alive’ was the last verse I sang. After the song ended, I leaned over my knee and asked ‘Would you go to prom with me?”

The theme for Warren Township High School’s 2014 prom is “Glamorous Guys and Gals.” I wish best for everyone going, and for those of you without a date: I am with you.

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