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His & Hers

How to mesh personal styles into a home you’ll both adore

Suburban Life Magazine

It’s been said that opposites attract. And certainly, the differences in two people can balance a relationship. He likes working on the yard, you prefer cleaning the house. He’s enjoys longer trips to the grocery store while you prefer quick errands at the bank and the post office and the dry cleaners.

But how can two people with differing personal styles blend those tastes into a home they both love and feel comfortable in? And what happens when he hates her antique dresser and she hates his couch?

 “We deal with that all the time,” says Kristin Petro, owner of Kristin Petro Interiors in Elmhurst. “… Number one, each person, if possible, should probably have their own dedicated space in the house.”
Petro says designating a space where each person can put the stuff they love but their partner doesn’t, is a lifesaver. It allows the “offending” items to be kept out of the main sight and flow of the home.

“You can kind of contain it a little bit,” she says.

Oftentimes, when it comes to putting together a married home, both members of the couple are not going to have the same style. Petro says it is important to focus on what you want in terms of the feel of the space.

“Look through what the other person has and maybe there’s one or two things that can be combined,” Petro says. “Sometimes, when you widen your scope, you can mix the two (styles).”

Petro says if styles are too different, however, it is probably best to consult a professional. Professionals have an eye for balance, symmetry, proportion and bringing things together.

“We can come in and we are better at bringing them together than they are themselves, but it requires compromise on one side or the other,” Petro says.

Petro added tying two people’s items together into one shared home is easier when both parties give and take.

Finding a color that can bridge mismatched colors and utilizing things like accent pillows, rugs, window treatments, fabrics and accessories, can go a long way in bringing a room together.

Petro also acknowledged that if a person has an item they really like that is sentimental, but doesn’t “go” with a room, to consider how it can be altered. Paint a piece, reframe a piece of artwork or reupholster a chair to give it new life and make it work in your married home.

As a couple starts their married life together, Petro says marriage gives a couple the chance to create something new and start fresh.

“Just embrace it,” Petro says. “A lot of people are hesitant to change, but most often, it only takes about a week to get used to it.”

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