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Get to know Peter Chung, BHS-TV president

Stephans: Congratulations on being honored at the school board meeting March 10 for your volunteerism. How do your BHS-TV videos have a positive impact on the Barrington community?

Chang: BHS-TV videos are basically videos I create for charities. I make several videos and it has a positive impact because they raise money for various charities.

Stephans: What has been the most rewarding and challenging parts of high school?

Chang: I really like seeing the projects that I work on pay [off] with the charities by just creating a simple video that can raise $100,000 or more. I have made some great friends while doing BHS-TV also. The most challenging would probably be that feeling you get right before you get your test or project back and how it might affect your grade badly, even if you studied really hard. [That can be] very stressful.

Stephans: What are your academic plans this fall?

Chang: I am planning to attend Yale, but ultimately I am mostly undecided.

Stephans: What do you do in your spare time?

Chang: I am involved with many school clubs. I am part of the Latin Club Junior Classical League and the Latin Scholastic Bowl. I am studying a lot of mythology right now and am in the science Olympia, and we [went] to state on April 12. I help unite people for large school events and am part of the Barrington Area Foundation through their Youth Council Community.

Stephans: You said that it’s up to students your age to make a difference in the world. What do you mean by that? What future volunteer opportunities would you like to participate in?

Chang: Even though students are very limited, there is a lot of gridlock in the government. So student charity work is where a great deal of help has been done. People underestimate the power students have. I have three friends who have started their own charities from scratch successfully. We should see teenagers who are successful rather than wild road partiers. In June, we have a Relay For Life live stream and in August I am going to Guatemala to help build houses there. I will also be doing more entertainment events in the future.

Stephans: What is your single favorite BHS-TV video? What was the hardest one to edit?

Chang: The video I made for Down syndrome my sophomore year made $100,000, so I really like that one. It also took the longest out of nearly all my videos to make, so it was definitely the hardest one to edit and a beast of a project. I also like the Jesus video that was about a stolen bobble head and the Men In Black spoofing video. I don’t really have one favorite project I love more than all the others.

Stephans: Who inspires you?

Chang: I have a lot of great teachers and friends I am around. Mr. Jeff Doles is my video projections teacher and he introduced me to make a difference through art and by making it different. He has provided inspiration and helped my student career. He has really done so much for me and the school. My Latin teacher Mr. Christopher Conrad taught me about hard work and giving 110 percent. I have spent more than four years with him for the Latin Scholastic Bowl and he has done a lot with me.

Stephans: What would you like to do after college?

Chang: I just have hints about what I want to do in college. I love learning and knowing things, so it will be really hard to pick a topic and study it for at least four years. I am just keeping my options open right now.

Stephans: What was some of the best advice you ever received these past four years?

Chang: My European history teacher had a very good quote. It was, “Even if you are thinking outside the box, you are still thinking in someone else’s box.” Bias is a big part of the class and what we read. This is saying that people write and present you with information with a biased view of something to try to get you to think their way. I thought it was an interesting quote when I heard it.

Stephans: What’s your advice to younger students who have not yet found their niche in student activities?

Chang: It’s never too late to join a club. I would advise them to join a smaller club that has a great idea and work to a higher position. You really should try to put yourself out there and do something interesting.

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