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Sound Off for April 2 to 9

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Charity neighborhood cleanups a win-win

With the summer season coming, there’s gonna be a lot of walkathons, runs and marathons for charitable organizations. Why don’t these organizations combine their walks with neighborhood cleanups? I’m sure people in the neighborhood appreciate it, and collecting donations as they clean up various blocks and sections and parks of the area, they would gather more money for their charitable organizations, instead of just people walking on an assigned path. Collect the recyclables separate, garbage separate and if there’s any hazardous materials found, keep those separate. If some group came down my block and was collecting garbage, I’d sure give them some money for doing it. And it’s a win-win situation. Neighborhood wins and the charity wins.

Comparing La Grange to Mayberry a compliment

Regarding comparing the village of La Grange to the town of Mayberry on “The Andy Griffith Show,” (March 26), Deputy Barney Fife was supposed to be a “bumbling goof.” He was a funny character (which Don Knotts portrayed brilliantly). Aunt Bee was not a gossiper, but a loving caregiver for Sheriff Andy Taylor and his young son, Opie. And Gomer Pyle was not a “dimwitted mechanic” but a naive, good-hearted gas station attendant (Goober was the mechanic). All of the main characters were caring and loving, not just Andy. As Andy Griffith once said, the show was about love. To compare La Grange to Mayberry is the highest compliment you can give. As they say in Mayberry, “Keep a good thought.”

Brookfield homeowner disgusted with police

As a longtime resident of Brookfield, I am thoroughly disgusted with our police department. They neglect to enforce the village’s snow plowing, street sweeping and vehicle sticker ordinances. As a homeowner, it is very frustrating to see that renters do not need to buy vehicle stickers and are not ticketed because they fail to change their address on their license plate information as required by state law. There are as many as seven vehicles on my block that never purchased vehicle stickers for as many as three years. They neglect to move their cars for the snow plows or street sweeper and are almost never ticketed. It must be so much easier to raise taxes and mail tickets to legally registered residents for failure to buy vehicle stickers than to enforce the ordinance upon all residents.

U.S. should deter Putin

We certainly have plenty of problems in Illinois and the United States, and one of the biggest problems is ignorance. The United States should do everything in its power to deter a communist leader such as [Vladimir] Putin from occupying a sovereign nation such as the Ukraine. Recommended reading to become more aware: “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression,” Harvard University Press.

Media reporting on pension crisis is unfair

The media is not reporting the pension crisis fairly. What they are leaving out is the fact that teachers in Illinois are not eligible for Social Security. They do not get Social Security when they retire. They get their pension instead. That’s it. You can’t rip that out from under them. How would you like it if we ripped the Social Security out from everyone because we want to pay less taxes there? You can’t steal the teacher’s retirement. They need their pension. They worked that job and that is part of their contract. It’s not right to go back on your word. The media needs to report that, and they’re not reporting it. They all just talk about, you know, “Oh, the pension reform and how much money we can save if we change the pensions.” Hello? You’re taking away something that’s contractually owed to the teachers. They don’t get Social Security, and you’re not telling people that. It’s not right.

More information needed on backyard chickens

The current Downers Grove Village Council is debating the loosening of restrictions to allow keeping chickens in more backyards. The mayor appears to be in favor of the loosening, having temporarily kept someone else’s chickens in his own yard, as reported in the March 26 Suburban Life. The duration of the mayor’s fowl experience was not given. One group has not been canvassed but should be. That group is Downers Grove Cealtors. Will local Realtors celebrate or downplay the loosening of restrictions to allow more chickens in the village? Are property values likely to be affected? Also, the village ought to exam a recent referendum in California forced by concerns of animal rights groups. That referendum resulted in forcing egg producing chickens to either be free running or to be kept in much larger cages.

Glen Ellyn resident thanks firefighters

About 9:30 a.m. Saturday, March 22, I heard water running (sounded like Niagara Falls). In our bathroom, hot water and steam were shooting out from under the sink. My husband, being in a wheelchair, could not help. Our son’s phone was not on at that time. I called 911 and was transferred to the fire department. On the telephone, they made sure there were no electrical outlets by the floor so we would not be electrocuted. Within minutes, three firefighters were coming up my driveway. They assessed the situation and took care of the problem for us. What a great comfort it is to know whatever the emergency is, our Glen Ellyn Fire Department is there to help. I am so grateful, and I want to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart.

Elmhurst residents should use trash cans properly

To the residents of Elmhurst: Garbage cans must be located on the parkway, not the streets, also, 2 feet apart from each other and the silver bar on front facing the street. The new cans allow the drivers to stay inside their trucks. Otherwise, they have to get out and dump them by hand.

Keep laser combat facility out of Barrington

I received the Suburban Life [recently] and I don’t like the sound of a laser combat facility opening in June in Barrington. We have managed to keep that sort of facility out of Barrington. That’s all I have to say – I don’t like it.

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