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Sound Off for Feb. 3 to March 2

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Attention joggers,
bikers and pedestrians

By using the roadway when it is dark outside, you are risking serious injury or death by wearing dark clothing. It is often difficult for drivers to see you when you blend in with the surroundings. Use a little precaution – either wear highly visible light clothing or wear a reflective vest (a variety of good reflective gear is available online for less than $10). Using a little common sense when sharing the roadway with cars might help prevent a tragic accident.

Reader: Potholes a
problem in Downers

It is apparent Downers Grove is competing with Chicago when it comes to potholes. I have blown a tire and have had to have a realignment as a result of the condition of the streets in Downers Grove. One has to zigzag all over the road to miss the huge number of potholes.  There is no reason why Downers cannot fill these holes. The county has taken care of filling the holes on county streets in Downers. What is the excuse that Downers has? When do they plan on filling in the holes, when summer gets here?

Churches should pay
‘rain tax’ in Downers Grove

From the days that the churches were small buildings on small lots and grew to huge complexes with giant paved parking lots the churches of Downers Grove have been getting tax freebies. Now that the rain tax is being collected on any property that impedes the direct absorption of stormwater, there is a call for yet another freebie. Hey, church-goers, how about putting your church’s rain tax assessment in the collection basket? Sure, your church is nice and does good things, but why should I have to pay more for other peoples’ benefits?

How to find state tax forms at Library

I am calling about the tax forms for the state of Illinois. The individuals who are looking for them can go to their local library. If they’re not sure how to use the computer, I am sure a librarian would help them look up Then you just go to “tax forms” and print them out. If you need extra copies, go to the copy machine and they will copy the front and back. Have a good day everybody and good luck with your taxes.

Library has tax forms, too

Regarding the person who complained that the North Riverside Public Library does not have Illinois tax forms, the library does have them. Library staff put them out as soon as they came in. Also, all of the Illinois forms and instructions are available online. The staff are happy to print them out for patrons at 10 cents a page. Patrons are also welcome to use the library’s public computers to file their taxes online.    

Salt your sidewalks

To people who live in Brookfield and La Grange Park: Please, please salt your sidewalks. I was walking in La Grange Park at Harding and Barnsdale and I slipped on ice and fell. Thank God there was somebody who was driving past at the time, saw me fall and stopped to see if I was OK. Buy a bag of sidewalk salt at Jewel, and use it for the rest of this winter. Think, people, think. And thanks to those who do salt their walkways.

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