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Glen Ellyn

Sound Off for Feb. 19-26

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

How about issuing parking tickets in winter?

La Grange has a no overnight street parking regulation. [I] sure wish the police department would issue tickets to those leaving a car on the street overnight. It would certainly aid the plows in snow removal. Tickets are issued in the summer, why not now?

Gold medals to all

For the past 10 days, we have all witnessed world athletes being recognized for their outstanding performances on the Olympic stage. This brings to mind that it is time to recognize our own “Wheaton Road Warriors” for the outstanding jobs they have done removing the countless miles of snow from our streets. Gold medals with standing ovations to you all! We so appreciate all your hard work and long hours during this “Endless Winter of 2014.”

Tax forms are hard to find

I live in North Riverside and … it’s very frustrating trying to obtain the paper State of Illinois tax forms. The library didn’t have any and I don’t know how they expect people to do their taxes. Anyway, it’s just very frustrating. I guess they’re forcing people to do it online – and I don’t have a computer. Or they force you to go and see a service. It’s very frustrating.

Traffic is harzardous near Lincoln School in Berwyn

Just wondering when the Berwyn Police Department is going to eliminate the traffic and safety hazards in front of our schools. This morning, traffic was tied up northbound from past 16th Street to 14th Street, and 16th Street eastbound from Lincoln School, all the way west past East Avenue. This is ridiculous. Cars are just jammed and double parked and nobody’s doing anything about it. I think it’s about time the police enforced the laws and eliminated this safety hazard.

There’s plenty of money to get the job done

It’s a shame, we have to point out people are actually doing the job they are paid well to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted to hear people are happy with the job various villages have done with all the snow we have had this winter, but with property taxes averaging $1,000 a month in many towns, there should be plenty of money to get the job done properly.

For a part of something

President Obama has single handedly saved our economy from the Republican-created mess he inherited. He has had no help, once the obstructionists obtained the majority in the House of Representatives. He passed and implemented a health care law that was ruled to be constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. The [Affordable Care Act] took courage to enact and needs help and cooperation to enforce. Obama accomplished much more in five years than Bush did in eight, while being lied about and disrespected at every turn by Fox News and the Republicans. With the thousand(s) of Americans killed knowingly by Bush-Cheney, the events in Benghazi pale in comparison, yet the right wing media can’t seem to let it go. Time for stubborn idealists to look at the big picture and be for something instead of against everything.

Settled, science shouldn’t be used together

“Settled science” is the term often applied to man-caused global warming. When Galileo challenged the belief the sun and the universe in general orbited the Earth, he was ridiculed and forced to recant. It took his church centuries to admit his challenge to the settled idea was correct. Hermann Muller discovered in 1919 that X-rays, in sufficient amount, cause cell mutations. It was not until 1946 that he won the Nobel Prize for the discovery, and yet, from 1920 to about 1970, X-ray fluoroscopes remained in common use in shoe stores in the USA. Nonradiologists, such as shoe salesmen and curious children, X-raying hands and feet were evidence the public thought the safety of casual X-raying was settled. Don’t use the word “settled” with the word “science.” The practice of science is rather to open issues for questioning and testing.

Why sound off on McCarthy, Walker roads?

I don’t understand the recent Sound Off about McCarthy and Walker roads in Lemont. This has been a four-way stop for some time, and there are plans to install traffic signals in the spring.

Voters don’t have to vote for unopposed candidates

In response to [the] “Against sports complex” letter appearing in the Feb. 21 newspaper, I hadn’t made my mind up yet either way, “yes” or “no,” regarding the proposed Lemont Sports Complex. But, if such statements are made by Lemont’s mayor and Board of Trustees, my fellow citizens, we do need people to run against them in the next election. Remember, even if they’re running unopposed, you don’t have to vote for them. They know how many votes are cast in Lemont and they certainly know how many votes they got. Those numbers tell them plenty. And I’ve now made up my mind about the sports complex. I say “no.”

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