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Sound Off for Feb. 3-9

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week.

Skeptical about sports complex

I am becoming more skeptical as events occur surrounding the proposed Lemont Sports Complex. Our elected officials have circumvented a public vote on the project with their plan to pledge taxes, other than property taxes, and taking out loans to finance the project. If the complex fails, such as the one in Bridgeview, the residents could be faced with increased property taxes to pay the debt. It appears that the current mayor has little faith in the electorate and their opinions or ability to make sound evaluations of the proposition. If the project is such a "can't miss" proposition, why is the mayor unable to get any private investors to finance the project? Is there something more behind the scenes, driving the proposition? Only time will tell. He and his cronies may have won the battle, but the residents will have the final say come his re-election bid.

Drug drop-off made easy

I just read in Suburban Life this week about the Downers Grove disposal program for drugs, which is wonderful. I just want people to be aware of the fact that, and I am at Downers Grove residence, that the Lisle police station, which is on 53, north of Maple, for years, you've been able to just stop there and walk in and put your drugs in a box inside the police station without making an appointment and sometimes that may be more convenient. So anyhow, I just want everybody to know about it. I think it's wonderful Downers Grove is finally offering this program. But I think it would be easier for a lot of people if they don't have to make an appointment, they can just drop their drugs off, which I've been doing for years.

Selfish snowblowers deserve ticket

Don't you think that people who snowblow their snow back into the street should get a ticket? It's rude, it's selfish, but most of all, it's just plain stupid.

Alert village of awful sidewalks

I would like to comment on the sidewalks south of 55th Street in Westmont. They are terrible other years in the past, but this year, it's just awful. The people and the businesses do not clean the sidewalks and there's a lot of foot traffic and people are walking in the street and they're riding the bikes in the street and I was wondering if something couldn't be done to alert village of Westmont of the problem up the sidewalk south of 55th Street in Westmont.

Allow only one car on street

Regarding the parking problem in Brookfield, I think maybe the village should institute one car per family to be allowed to park on the street and if you have two, three, four cars, then you need to put them in the garages or someplace else because there is limited parking. Also, why don't the people park their cars in front of their homes instead of in front of somebody else's. Everyone has one designated parking spot in front of their homes. They should park their car in front of their home.

Don't forget the 'R'

We are in the month of February, not Febuary. Please check your calendar for the correct spelling, which is F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y, and correct your pronunciation.

Good job by public works

Pat on the back and a tip of the halo to the Berwyn Public Works Department for a great job in snow removal. Unfortunately, the police department has been lax in enforcing the ordinances concerning cars left on the streets for more than three days and have failed to ticket those that have violated that ordinance. Too bad.

Dangers of smart meters

Were the La Grange residents informed of the negative effects of the so-called smart meters. The radiation that emits within 50 feet of the meters can affect living things – people, animals and plants. Security is another issue, and the meters show when residents are not home for a period of time. The savings of money is an issue but so is our health and security. If you Google in smart meters on the Internet, it will come up immediately to smart meter dangers. And there's many, many listings.

Shovel your sidewalks

People in Darien, shovel your sidewalks. If you can't, hire someone. A teenage boy went around our neighborhood asking home owners to hire him – a few did. Ones that did not still haven't shoveled. If you have a corner house, do all your walks. I'm tired of having my kids walk in the street to their school bus stop, and don't enjoy walking my dogs in the street.

Parking ticket reply

I agree. Why isn’t Brookfield ticketing or towing cars? A fire truck was trying to drive down my street the other day to shovel paths to the hydrants, and they couldn’t get through at the south end of the block, so they had to back it up to get out. On Ogden Avenue in Brookfield, someone had been plowing the sidewalks for a while, and I was so grateful, but it seems like they just gave up about three snowfalls ago. The only place to walk now is in the streets or alleys, since only a few of the businesses bother to shovel.

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