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Downers Grove

Letter: Bad politics in Matune-Sandack race

To the Editor:

This is in response to the Jan. 22 article “Political back-and-forth begins in race for Republican nod in 81st District."

It is unfortunate that the residents of the 81st District have to be subjected to this sort of behavior. We deserve better than someone who says they oppose gay marriage early on in 2012 but flips on the subject and supports it in late 2013.

Rep. Sandack can say what he wants about not being a “bought and sold item," his actions speak otherwise. The fact that in March 2012 he accepted $540.55 from a pro family organization but then flipped his vote around the time a $10,750 donation came in from a LGBT organization slightly contradicts his statement.

What I see, is that the highest bid won, in this instance, Rep. Sandack.

I can appreciate your concern for Mr. Matune and your desire to be “neighborly” if those were your true intentions. However, I would have much more appreciated you calling a meeting with him to discuss the pressing issues facing the residents of the district.

It is sad that the residents of the 81st District have to endure political bullying by you or any candidate. Personally, I don’t care about what may or may not have happened when someone was in college in another state. I would bet hat your college life was not lily white.

From what I see, Keith Matune is making a difference in the lives of the future generation. He teaches, coaches and takes care of his family. He is the epitome of what the average citizen is and should be.

I am tired of this style of politics. Illinois will never be great again with our current trough of politicians. We deserve better!

Melanie Crane, Downers Grove

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