Elmhurst Memorial partners with Northwestern Medicine

ELMHURST – Through a new exclusive partnership with Northwestern Medicine, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital now offers patients interventional radiology services.

Interventional radiology uses minimally invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system. Many conditions that once required surgery can now be treated nonsurgically by interventional radiologists, according to a news release.

Comprehensive vascular and nonvascular interventional care as well as interventional oncology services are all available at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

The primary interventional radiologists providing this care at Elmhurst Memorial are Elias Hohlastos, MD, Ryan Hickey, MD and Andrew Blum, MD, all members of the Northwestern Medical Group. They are part of the new interventional radiology outpatient clinic located in the Hospital’s Center for Health, 1200 S. York St. in Elmhurst.  This new partnership aligns closely with the November 2013 opening of the hospital’s Center for Cancer Care.