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Hinsdale writer's comedy troupe to peform at Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

HINSDALE – Some days writing can be as easy as cutting butter with a knife, and other days it just feels like trying to run a mile through the creamy spread.

For a few of the lucky ones on Earth, as is the case with Christina Honan, writing just seems to come naturally as she’s always had an interest in the art even at a young age.

“I’ve been doing [writing] now since college,” said the Hinsdale resident. “I’m super lucky that people pay me to put words next to each other.”

Even though Honan has always written for her school newspapers, she never classified herself as a “serious” reporter. After graduating from journalism school at the University of Missouri, Honan took writing classes at Second City in Chicago where her comedic writing eventually took off. She met other writers and performers as part of the comedy group, “Hot Town Comedy.”

“It just ended up being kind of like a magical thing, like we all just got along so well, almost to the point where our teacher was kind of freaked out by us,” Honan said.

Honan and the rest of the group have put on two comedy shows since meeting in January, which includes sketches that draw on social satire, historical comedy and real-life scenarios, such as kids who have never met texting each other.

“It was so great because it’s such a crazy world where people can be so competitive and it was great to find a cooperative group that wanted the best for the show,” she said. “It’s so funny, if you ask anyone of us what our favorite sketch was from the last show, almost 100 percent of the time it’s someone else’s, it’s not your own stuff.”

Honan said it’s been a thrill for the group to perform for live audiences as it also helps her writing and the actors get better moving forward.

“Normally you’re just sitting by yourself in your room at your computer hoping people think this is funny, but all of it was recorded so when I was editing this time to make something a little shorter I’m watching the video on YouTube and was like, ‘No one laughed there, better get rid of that,’” she said.

Hot Town Comedy will now perform at the 13th annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival in Chicago from Jan. 9 to 19. This year, 150 troupes were selected, involving 1,000 artists performing more than 170 shows.

For as much work as it’s been, it’s been a dream for Honan to go to a job that can make her laugh every day and see that reflected in the audience.

“It’s hilarious because putting on a show there’s plenty of work that goes into it, but it’s so funny any time I feel even remotely stressed about it,” she said. “You take a step back and you’re like, ‘oh I’m writing the dumbest jokes and I really can’t be that stressed.’”

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