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Letter: Resident responds on gay marriage issue

In response to Mr. Lela's argument against marriage equality:

"Wow, ouch." I couldn't say his letter was brimming with love and goodness, rather a great deal of hate.
Equal rights is a flimsy argument? Mr. Lela, there was a time when people argued that women didn't have the right to vote in this country. I would imagine their arguments were very similar to yours. 

People believed that women were too emotional and incapable of making sound, political decisions. People believed the human race would die out because women would stop marrying and having children, if they were allowed to vote.

There was a time where people believed in racial segregation, that it was protecting the rights of whites, without bringing harm to African-Americans.

There was a time when Jewish people in Europe were segregated from non-Jewish individuals. Hitler ordered the removal of all Jews, in order to keep racial purity.

Those arguments were just as absurd and demeaning as your argument against marriage equality. I'm bisexual, and have been married to a heterosexual man for 21 years. I have two amazing children. I actually conceived and gave birth to them, as any other woman. Deviant? Funny, I never considered myself as such.

I put myself through college and graduated with honors. Pedophiles inflict harm on children, homosexuals do not. I've had the unpleasant experience of having four sex offenders in my life, three as a child.

I find it offensive when you attempt to put myself or any other person of LGBT in the same class as the men who raped and violated me. I speak out on sex offenders and try to change laws pushing for more accountability for the damage they do.

Is that not decent and moral, Mr. Lela?

Lydia Geduldig, Westmont

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