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Letter: Tip of the iceberg

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 1:21 p.m. CDT

To the Editor:

Reading Congressman Peter Roskam's Nov. 7 Glen Ellyn [Suburban Life] commentary, “It’s time to take a hard look at the tax code” is like examining an iceberg – most of the substance is invisible.

He begins by stating our “tax dollars are to be respected and spent wisely.” Yet, since 2007, Roskam has voted for much of the $4 trillion squandered on our criminal and failed Iraq and Afghanistan wars because Roskam is beholden to the Military-Industrial Complex, which gets rich and powerful from wasteful war spending. He’s threatening Iran for the same reason.

Then, he begins his history of America’s economic malaise with President Obama's Jan. 20, 2009 inauguration, erasing from history how President Bush brought America to the brink of economic collapse, hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs monthly before President Obama righted the sinking American Titanic. Nor does Roskam admit he has opposed, in furtherance of the Tea Party House agenda, every single administration jobs creation effort. Roskam’s only plan to grow jobs, more tax cuts for the greedy rich, was debunked under the president who invented it, Ronald Reagan.

His feigned concern over simplifying our complex tax code is hilarious. Roskam and his fellow members of the 2 percent of America’s wealthy, are the primary beneficiaries of those 15,000 amendments to the tax codes since 1988. It helps them enjoy the largest redistribution of wealth from the other 98 percent in our nation’s history. They allow near billionaires like Roskam’s 2012 choice for president, Mitt Romney, to pay a lower tax rate than his secretary. That undermines America’s middle class. The greedy rich love Roskam’s tip of the iceberg style. And those less well-off, hoodwinked by his faux populist rhetoric, don’t know how duped they are.

Roskam's op-ed is not a "Community Voice." It's a "Tea Party Voice."

Walt Zlotow

Glen Ellyn

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