Sound Off for Nov. 13-19

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The follow is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Protect our children
Great news! Congratulations to the Downers Grove Public Library! At its next monthly meeting on Nov. 20, the Library Board will consider policy changes that support a more effective, child-appropriate approach to Internet access. Computers in [the] children's area will be equipped with filtering software designed to screen out age-inappropriate material, which will be similar to that used in public schools. It would be great if folks from Westmont Public Library attend this meeting or get some training from public school ITs to learn which filtering software works well. Their excuse that past filters did not work properly and had to be removed will not convince us that they really did all they could to protect children behind computers. It is their responsibility to find a product that works. If schools can do it, so can a library. Our tax dollars are available for this purpose and we want our children to be safe in [the] library. It can be accomplished, so let's hope that library staff will care enough and do the right thing.

Every train that enters Downers Grove has an engineer who acts like he just got a new horn for his birthday. “Hoot-hoot, hoot-hoot” all day and all night. Residents should have a referendum on a name change for the village. I vote for “Hooterville.”

Thank you, Proviso Township
I just want to say 'thank you' to Proviso Township for taking me to the doctor, to my eye doctor, at Loyola. I didn't have to wait for my kids to find time for me and they were right on time and they were wonderful. They got me to Loyola and I got the shot in my eye and they picked me up 10 minutes after I called them and told them I was ready, and it was a wonderful service, and I want to thank Proviso Township transportation for my senior ride … I think more people should take advantage of this. They have wonderful other things, too.

Smells like garbage
If President Obama thinks his health plan smells like a rose, to me it smells more like garbage.

Time will be the judge
There has been a great deal of negative criticism and little support in this area for the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Whether against it or for it, before we voice our opinion, it behooves us all to read the actual document itself, not blindly accept someone's opinion with a biased position. As with Social Security and Medicare, there was a lot of controversy before they were enacted into law. Obamacare is no different. Time will be the judge as to whether it is beneficial or not.