Sound Off for Nov. 6-12

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The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Time for memorials

Regarding the cups over 294: It's in memory of Kelli O'Laughlin. It's been two years. While it's well-intended, if you want to memorialize somebody, you have a memorial service after they pass. Also have a funeral, and if they're buried, they're in a cemetery or the Ashes are dealt with if there is a cremation. A memorial is something that should be done within a year of the end of the person's life, and then that's that.

Build a bookstore

Regarding the old YMCA property La Grange on the corner of La Grange and Ogden: How about a bookstore? Since we've lost Borders, it would be great if maybe Barnes and Noble could come in, or some other bookstore. We surely miss it.

Against loyalty cards

When Jewel stopped using their card, that was so nice. If something was on sale, you got the sale price. Everybody did. I went to Walgreens today, everything they had on sale you have to have a card. Now isn't that ridiculous? My goodness, you think they would've learned something from Jewel.

A better leader?

Figures, now that Obama is coincidentally tying the virtues of his big signature achievement healthcare fiasco along the lines of Romney's successful Massachusetts plan, in which Romney and Kennedy worked across the aisle to get it done in that state with bipartisanship support. Could it be that it was a huge mistake that we voted the wrong guy in office who has been unable and/or unwilling to work across party lines in order to reach a simple bipartisanship agreement? Obama may be a great smooth talking community organizer, but even though Romney is demonized by Obama's labeling him as being unacceptably rich (read Obama's mentor Saul Alinsky's "rules for radicals" book), can it also be that Romney would have been a better leader and manager?

Stuck with CFLs

Estimates of mercury contamination in albacore tuna suggest a level of 0.353 parts per million. If the average tuna serving in a sandwich is 6 ounces, it should take around 85 tuna sandwiches to equal the mercury that is in a CFL [light bulb], which averages 5 milligrams. Another point is that we can always choose not to eat a specific food type. But when incandescent bulbs are banned, and assuming that LED bulbs stay outrageously high priced, the average homeowner is stuck with CFL's and their Mercury content.

More tributes needed

Regarding the plastic cup tribute. I think, if you're going to remember one person, I think [you should also remember] all the young people who have their life cut short, whether it was tragically or by medical reasons. All names should be up there, not just one person. And I know there are others. So, I think everybody wants somebody to be remembered, so these people remembering Kelli also need to remember all the other people, the young people, and put their names up there also.

Cubs fans still waiting

The World Series is over and the Boston Red Sox are the world champions. A thought occurred to me though. In 1997, the Florida Marlins won the World Series, stripped the team down and six years later, won the World Series again. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2007, stripped the team down, and won the World Series six years later. And then there are the Cubs. Enough said.