Letter: Worried about smart meters

To the Editor:

It's hard to believe the only information that is currently shared with consumers in Illinois, and specifically Riverside, about smart meters is a glossy direct mail pamphlet by ComEd that paints a blue sky and every reason to embrace it.

When my inquisitive mind made me google smart meters, I found a nationwide "can of worms controversy" that includes exposure to continuous pulsed radiation, data collection at the residence, higher costs and more negatives.

So here is my question: Why doesn't the village, town, or ComEd brochure mention a smart meter is not mandated and that a resident can keep their analog meter if desired?

As each town notifies its residents about smart meter installation that fact should be shared with residents and that homeowners can get objective information on this technology by googling "smart meters" to see if its the right choice for their home.          

Maria Gartland