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Letter: Zero praise for the one percent

Published: Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013 11:04 a.m. CDT

To the Editor:

In the face of rampant unemployment and underemployment, the United States spent $682 billion on its military in 2012. The two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost us over $2 trillion already. If you add long-term costs for medical care of veterans, the Bush wars will exceed $4 trillion, according to a study by Professor Linda Bilmes of Havard. 

Why do Tea Party people and irresponsible Republicans who think as they do give the military a free pass when they talk of budget cuts and budgeting? They attack social security, education, entitlement programs for the poor, minimum wages, public works, and health care. 

I hope Tuesday’s election results are an indication that the nation has done with Republican obstructionism and non-cooperation with the president. The Affordable Care Act is the closest we have come to a health care system that cares for all citizens. Why oppose it? Let’s try to improve it.

We are the richest most prosperous nation on earth. Why is there so much poverty and joblessness? Don’t tell me the one-percenters have nothing to do with it. A well paid middle class, well paid labor, an equitable distribution of wealth is the surest path to prosperity for all of our citizens and it’s the fountainhead of a healthy democracy as well.

Of course, if you’d rather have plutocracy ...

Under our present system of wealth distribution abetted by fat cat laws, money and wealth is engorging the upper one percent, the financial manipulators of Wall Street and the CEOs of corporate America who’ve never in American history done better for themselves.

Why do Republicans and these barons of greed get to hoard? Why do they oppose raising the minimum wage, providing health care for all, educating our citizenry, the foundation of innovation and progress needed for continuing American leadership?

Marion J. Reis


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