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Letter: How to save democracy

Published: Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 4:50 p.m. CDT

How to save democracy

To the Editor:

Could it be that we in America have exchanged our democracy for a plutocracy? Because of all that money thrown at Congress and the presidency, it makes those of us in the 99 percent facing a hopeless situation. The elite and big business wins! We are almost like the Cubs and Sox – in last place.

Two suggestions on how to save democracy so the 99 percent can still count: First, all Federal elections would use only Federal funds and rules to fund their elections as they do in England. All the other money once used to run elections can pay off the deficit. Second, everybody in for universal health coverage. That will save tons of money in health expenses and that, too, can be used to pay off the deficit. After all, America pays 17 percent of its GDP on health care while the next nearest advanced industrial country spends 12 percent and actually gets better results according to all statistics.

Sad to say that will never happen as big money, which our politicians need to fund their campaigns, trumps democracy.

I could only hope that perhaps some person or organization could organize a huge march on Washington, D.C. just as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. succeeded in doing in 1963. That, too, seems hopeless.

Maybe we need a President Theodore Roosevelt as we had in 1900 to save democracy. Anyone out there like that?

Not likely, but there is plenty of money available to continue to buy our country. Sad, is it not?

Wayne Hoffman,


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