Riverside man pepper-sprayed after attempting to enter wrong apartment

RIVERSIDE – Riverside police officers responding to a burglary in progress report Friday in the 100 block of Pine Avenue found an intoxicated man in the building’s stairway. Police said that William P. Lyons, 48, of Riverside, was highly intoxicated and slurring his speech. He also complained to officers that he could not see and smelled of pepper spray.

A resident of the building told officers that the man tried to enter her apartment by attempting to unlock the door and jiggling the door knob. When she opened the door, she said Lyons fell into her apartment and she pepper-sprayed him for protection. He then fell back out into the hallway and she closed the door and called police.

During their investigation, police found that Lyons had been intoxicated and had tried to enter the wrong apartment. Police said the apartment’s resident, who was not injured, wanted to pursue charges. Lyons was charged with disorderly conduct.