Police issue 19 citations for drivers using cellphones in school zone

HINSDALE – During the month of September, the Hinsdale Police Department conducted special traffic enforcement initiatives in school zones with the purpose of increasing driver awareness of cellphone prohibitions in school zones, school zone speed limits, stop sign obedience and other traffic and parking violations that inhibit the safety of pedestrians and other motorists.

As a result of this initiative, the police department dedicated more than 24 hours of enforcement time throughout the month, using both marked and unmarked police vehicles.

Nineteen citations were issued for use of cellphones, three citations were issued for speeding in a school zone, one citation was issued for passing a stopped school bus and one citation was issued for disobeying a traffic sign.

Although the targeted Back-to-School initiative is complete, officers plan to continue enforcement efforts throughout the school year in and near school zones.

Additional enforcement efforts will now target driver obedience to pedestrians within crosswalks throughout the village.