USPS to offer small business workshop at Addison Village Hall

ADDISON – The U.S. Postal Service will host a small business workshop at the Addison Village Hall Sept. 24.

During the one-hour presentation, Postal experts will detail how small businesses can use the USPS' new Every Door Direct service, which provides direct mail service without the cost of mailing lists or permits.

The presentation will explain how to select a campaign message, target an audience and prepare mailings whether business owners want to complete the process themselves or use mailing house vendors.

Participants will also learn about a new website, Direct Mail Hub, that offers cost-effective ways to tap into the marketing advantages of Direct Mail.

Seating is limited, and those interested in attending are encouraged to register at

The Every Door Direct workshop will be held at 11 a.m. Sept. 24 at the Addison Village Hall.