Sound Off: Who needs a smartphone?

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Clarity on Syria

Amid the confusion in the White House over whether or not to launch missiles into the nation of Syria, there exists a simple set of instructions for our government to follow. It is known as the Constitution of the United States. In their wisdom, the founders did not empower one officeholder to start wars. Article 1, Section 8, clearly states "Congress shall have the power to declare war." No such power is assigned to presidents, not even two presidents whose speeches made coeds faint, or who received the Nobel Peace Prize just for getting elected.

Who gets taxed

Now that the DuPage County Board is poised to collect money from residents for rainwater running off their property, Downers Grove residents will be charged twice for the same rainwater runoff – once by Downers Grove, and again by the county. Will the county lower its real estate taxation like Downers Grove did so that property owners would not be charged twice for the same rain? And, since the DuPage County Forest Preserves do more rainwater runoff than any other land in the county, who will likely be taxed for that? You guessed it. Look in the mirror.

Paying for parking

I think the village of Brookfield should not make residents spend $10 to $20 per month just so they can park a car. It is not fair when you have visitors or family staying with you during an emergency situation.

No need for a smartphone

I am sick and tired of people assuming that everybody has a smartphone, and everybody texts and sends messages back and forth. My husband and I, we have a simple phone. We use it as a phone. It fits nicely in our pocket. People get angry at us because they can't text us, or they said they texted us. If you wanna buy us a different phone, you want to carry it around for us, and pay the bill, you're more than welcome to, but please don't assume everybody has the latest technology. And we're tired of those QR codes or whatever they are on packages, and for more information you have to scan that to get more information. There's a whole section of society that can't afford these things, and everybody needs to realize that.