Sound Off: Tax credits unlikely

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

No sign of a tax break

Now that a new Illinois law permits DuPage County to charge us a stormwater utility fee on the same property that Downers Grove is already charging a stormwater utility fee, we are fortunate that at least Downers Grove has dropped part of the real estate taxation on our property as a credit, in effect, for the stormwater fee being assessed. But, when the county collects its own stormwater tax on the same property that Downers Grove was already collecting it, will the county cut the property tax that it assesses accordingly? Maybe. Maybe not. And exactly what will the county do with one or two new sources of money, and will we be able to vote on any of this?

Pony ride cruelty

Whoever wrote or called [about pony ride cruelty] is absolutely correct. It is cruel and unusual punishment for the animals. Is Berwyn really going to be a part of animal abuse with this hot weather for their next fair? And, you know, Hollywood can't do it anymore. It's also an archaic form of entertainment. If you want your child to be on a horse, take them to a real horse stable to ride a real horse or a pony that they don't abuse riding around in circles, making them dizzy, etc. So get with the new millennium Berwyn, it's time. Thank you.

Street parking

Why do we need overnight street parking in Brookfield when most every house has a garage or driveway? If the village charged a reasonable fee to park on the street overnight, say $10 or $20 per month, most people would probably put their cars away at night, while allowing an equitable option for those who don't have a garage. This would also reduce crime because fewer cars would be on the street for thieves to break into. I'm sure the village wouldn't be angry with the extra revenue, and with less cluttered streets, property values might actually increase.

Public spending

I think it's outrageous in these tight economic times that Lyons Township High School district is gonna spend $21 million to move air conditioning units, just because it makes a little noise during performances. I mean, they can mic the actors on the stage, or the presenters. It's ridiculous. Also, you have to redo a whole cafeteria that's been there all those years and is functioning? The people are in there 20 minutes a day. I mean, this is big time bucks. Whose brother-in-law is getting the contract? I'd like to know.

Scanning licenses

I wanted to alert [everyone] to the practice at Target stores where they scan your driver's license. They're collecting this information. What are they going to do with this information, sell it to insurance companies or the Secretary of State?

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