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Downers Grove

Letter: Immigration debate continues

In response to a Letter to the Editor by Angelo Manzoeillo dated Aug. 14:

Generally, as rule of thumb I don’t respond to personal attacks as I choose to do battle in the arena of ideas, not in the gutter politics of a modern day progressive.

You see, engaging in a war of wits with unarmed men is not nice and my parents taught me to be polite to these types of people. Unfortunately, every so often someone so ignorant needs to be addressed for the good of the people and Mr. Manzoeillo is that person.

First, my article was about illegal immigration and those illegal immigrants not being rewarded by giving them a path to citizenship for breaking our laws (the operative word is illegal); second, securing our borders as a matter of national security; and third, enforcing our current laws.

The overarching theme to my writing was the ignorance of the American electorate as they do not seem to be able to segregate these three unrelated topics, nor do they understand the ramifications for misunderstanding their impact on our country.

Angelo has mastered deploying the liberal, socialist, Democrat playbook. Demonize and personally attack any person that has a different opinion from his when he cannot debate the idea and successfully defend his indefensible position.

Then completely change the conversation to whatever fits his talking points, create a straw man argument and simply argue these points with himself.

Mr. Manzoeillo needs to better educate himself before he steps into the ring of the knowing with other people. Maybe if he spent less time as one of the five people watching MSNBC for hours on end and more time reading our founding documents he would be better prepared to debate ideas in the big “girls” club.

Victoria Bentley, Downers Grove

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