Sound off: Taxed twice for same thing

The following is what our readers sounded off about this week:

Taxed twice for stormwater?

Here we go again. The General Assembly and governor passed a bill to enable DuPage to enact their own stormwater fees based on property owners' rainwater displacement. The law permitted Peoria property owners to vote on whether or not to be taxed for this on top of their ongoing property taxes. The law did not give DuPage citizens the same right to vote. Now our county has to decide if it will or will not decrease our property taxes when it starts charging us another tax on stormwater on top of Downers Grove's already existing tax on the same stormwater on the same properties. Welcome to Illinois.

Ruined lawns

I live on Springwood Lane in Bolingbrook. Comcast invaded the neighborhood this morning with three or four trucks and equipment to run a new line. None of the neighbors were aware of this, and all they're doing is tearing up their grass. They're telling them that they're going to repair them. What they're gonna probably do is throw a little seed down there when they're done, and they're actually ruining some very, very good lawns.

Great day for kids

I attended my first Kops N Kidz day on Aug. 10 [in Lemont]. I would like to compliment the Park District, police officers, donors and volunteers. I thought that it was a great outing. I was surprised to see that everything was free for the kids. It is wonderful that all families, regardless of their financial situation, were able to take their kids to have a good time. I am already looking forward to next year.

Spilled paint

Whoever was responsible for repainting the crosswalk lines and stripes in La Grange Park needs to consider a new line of work. They're a mess everywhere in town. Lots of spills and splattered paint. I hope whoever's in charge has to clean it up.

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