D-53 receives good news regarding iPad purchase

OAK BROOK – The District 53 Board of Education received a report on the implementation of new iPads for K-3 grades at Brook Forest School this fall at its Aug. 12 meeting.

The iPads are beneficial learning tools in the early grades to individualize instruction and are easily understood by young students, according to the report.

With the iPads, students can become “content creators” and problem solvers and extend their skills through specific apps, according to the report. For example, in kindergarten, the iPads would be used to introduce and reinforce phonemic awareness, comprehension and phonics.

Plans in other grades would include unique iPad features such as motion sensors, cameras, GPS, sound recording and video creation.

The board asked the administration to produce trimester reports on iPad and app usage. The board also thanked the PTO and its president, Elisabeth Ori, for the PTO’s donation that allowed the district to purchase the latest iPad model.