Fountaindale to install book drop location at Ashbury's

BOLINGBROOK – A collaborative effort between the Fountaindale Public Library and the Bolingbrook Park District will soon result in a book drop location at Ashbury's at Boughton Ridge.

During respective board meetings Thursday evening, Fountaindale and park district administration approved an intergovernmental agreement that allows a book drop box to be installed at Ashbury's at Boughton Ridge Golf Course, a municipal nine-hole course run by the Bolingbrook Park District.

"Our board and our staff wanted to have a location on the east side of our community to make it more convenient for our patrons to drop off materials," said Paul Mills, Fountaindale Public Library Executive Director. "We have a great relationship with the park district and they were very happy to partner with us."

The book drop will cost $5,400 and will be paid for by the library from its general operating fund.

Fountaindale is currently coordinating concrete work and has yet to finalize an installation date.