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Letter: Republican response to ObamaCare is treason

To the Editor:

I sat watching a hearing from Congress on (Aug. 2) about the Affordable Health Care Act on C-Span.

As someone who has recently retired, has a fiancée with pre-existing medical conditions and will need to obtain a personal health care insurance plan in January… I was appalled at the condescending questions and tone from Republican Congressmen.

All I want to ask is a single question: Would you want to be in my shoes facing an insurmountable task of having to acquire health insurance, with the possibility of being denied, paying financially crippling rates or potentially having to be bankrupted because you could not have or afford to pay for insurance?

You see, our elected officials live in a world of insulated privilege. They posture with their holier-than-thou tones, fight and make rules which do not affect or apply to them and badger any idea that might help or provide relief to the very citizens that elected them.

As with all revolutionary ideas… the plan has controversy and potential flaws… but the essence of the plan is goodness and a “first step” toward protecting millions of Americans.

Why not embrace, nurture and grow an original idea versus simply trying to tear it apart on the basis of party lines and pledge?

I am not asking for welfare or to have a right that I have not earned. I’m simply asking for the same protective liberties that our elected officials live with everyday.

To me, a Republican Congress who has spent the majority of their time and effort repealing a basic liberty, that will help millions of its citizens, is simply tantamount to treason.

Chris Cantele, Lisle

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