Downers Grove Plan Commission endorses proposed senior living facility on Lacey Road

DOWNERS GROVE – The Downers Grove Plan Commission approved zoning changes and a special use Monday that would allow developers to build a supportive-living facility for seniors in the 4200 block of Lacey Road, pending Village Council approval.

Delta Development of Downers Grove and engineering firm C.M. Lavoie & Associates want to build the 120-unit facility for seniors on a wooded lot on Lacey Road facing residential streets.

The supportive-living facility would employ between 40 and 50 people and house up to 180 residents, according to developers. The building would have three stories facing Lacey Road, placed behind a tall tree line.

The back of the building would have four stories, but built at a lower ground level, so the top story would appear to be the same height as the front from the street. A parking lot for about 50 cars would be in the rear, and the property would include a water detention pond, according to information provided in May.

During a forum hosted by developers in May, much of the discussion from residents focused not on the proposed project, but on years of frustration with Donegal Excavating, a construction company that sits next door to the wooded lot.

The construction company operates on a residential zoned lot, and some neighbors say large diesel trucks and other construction equipment rumbles in and out of the property late at night, despite their complaints to the village. Neighbors said they were concerned traffic added by the living facility could make problems worse.

The plan commission voted unanimously to recommend the special use and to rezone a portion of the land from light manufacturing to single family residential. The developer’s request to consolidate three lots into a single lot also was recommended by the plan commission.

The recommendations from the plan commission go to the Village Council for a workshop meeting with developers, and then to a vote for approval or denial at a second meeting.

Lacey Road is Delta’s fourth attempt at building the facility in Downers Grove.

A proposal for 63rd Street was denied by the village because it did not meet the five-acre lot size requirement; an attempt downtown was denied by commissioners who said it did not meet the goals for that area of town; and a second attempt on 63rd Street fizzled after opposition from neighbors.

C.M. Lavoie owner Christopher Lavoie said they hope to begin construction in October.