Kids get lesson in science at Westmont library

WESTMONT – As part of the Westmont Public Library’s science sessions, grade school students were invited to dissect owl pellets and reconstruct a mammal skeleton Saturday.

Kate Buckson, the library’s marketing coordinator, said the community showed a lot of interest in the class.

“We had a good crowd,” Buckson said. “The kids responded really positively, and they had a really great time.”

The class, aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11, was led by Jill Dold.

“She’s really passionate about working with kids and getting them into science,” Buckson said.

Science-themed sessions come once every three months at the library.

“A lot of grade school kids are interested in things that are unusual and a little gross,” Buckson said with a laugh. “The fact that they’re dissecting something and finding real bones held a lot of interest with them.”