Village of Westmont selling rainwater barrels

WESTMONT – The village of Westmont and the Westmont Water Division have announced that rainwater barrels are available for purchase.

The barrels, which can prevent household flooding, are connected to the bottom of gutter systems, catching water that falls off the roof instead of having it flow into the stormwater system.

“Not everybody is aware of this, but rainwater barrels can greatly benefit homeowners,” Mike Ramsey of the Westmont Water Division said. “Not only can you save money by using rainwater for your outdoor watering needs, but it can also help property owners prevent flooding.”

Rainwater barrels, which come in black, grey, blue or terra cotta, are being sold through the Westmont Water Division for $70. The village will deliver the barrel to the home.

To purchase a barrel or for more information, contact Mike Ramsey at 630-981-6289 or