State bill allowing DuPage County stormwater fee awaits governor's signature

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn plans to sign a bill that allows DuPage County to create its own stormwater utility fee.

The bill passed both state legislative houses May 16, and was sent to the governor June 14, according to spokesperson Dave Blanchette.

He said the governor supports the bill and plans to sign it before the Aug. 16 deadline.

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said the county stormwater fee would be more equitable than the current method of using property taxes to fund stormwater infrastructure, because a fee would be based on the amount of stormwater displaced by a property.

"If you're a big developer and you put down a large, 50,000-square-feet parking lot of concrete, and you displace a lot of water to your neighbor downstream, you'll pay more," Cronin said when the House passed the bill. "If you take steps to install semi-permeable pavers and rain barrels at home, your fee will be a lot less, you'll get credit for it. It's the ultimate in responsible behavior policy."

Once signed by the governor, the bill requires a two-year planning period before implementation of the fee.