Dillard, lawmakers override Gov. Quinn's veto of Right-to-Carry legislation

HINSDALE – Facing a July 9 court deadline for Illinois to adopt concealed carry legislation, State Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) said lawmakers returned to Springfield on Tuesday and overwhelmingly rejected Gov. Pat Quinn’s recent changes to Right-to-Carry legislation passed by Illinois lawmakers in late May.

Illinois now joins the other 49 states in the nation in allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms.

Lawmakers met extensively in the spring legislative session in negotiations on a concealed carry measure, but Gov. Quinn did not participate in that process, according to a news release from Dillard.

“The governor could have offered his input during the spring session; the General Assembly would have welcomed his involvement. However, I question his motivation behind waiting until after the legislation had been negotiated and approved to finally weigh in,” said Dillard. “By packing all of his changes together into an amendatory veto, he ensured none of his recommendations could be voted on independently. As a result, the Governor forced the legislature to take an all-or-nothing approach to his suggestions.”