Elmhurst schools contribute to City Centre artwork

ELMHURST – In December, visitors to downtown Elmhurst may have caught a glimpse of giant holiday packages, but this summer, visitors will notice 14 new block-shaped art pieces.

Local area artists have designed six of the fiberglass "City Centre Blocks" in a modern pop art inspired style. The other eight sculptures will showcase artwork from Sandburg, Churchville and Bryan middle schools, as well as York High School, in an effort to engage young artists in the community.

The 3-D pieces reflect the Elmhurst City Centre logo, the Quad, which was designed to portray an aerial view of a city block. It also implies the concept of different elements co-existing, similar to how streets and sidewalks intersect, to create a cohesive whole.

Each interactive piece is intended to enhance each person's visit to City Centre.