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West Chicago

Simple steps that can lead to weight loss

Hundreds of books are written about weight loss, and thousands of diets are offered. What really works?

What makes sense in the fast-paced world of today? What can we really get our minds around? An interesting fact is childhood obesity is a huge problem, and if the trend continues, adults easily will follow the same path.

“Pay me now, or pay me later” is the reality when it comes to weight loss. How about a weight-loss-made-simple guide that easily can be followed?

• Get off the soda. Regular, diet, lemon-flavored – it’s all bad. Stop drinking soda, and you automatically should lose five to 10 pounds a year. There are plenty of alternatives.

• Walk a mile a day. It does not take that much time, and besides the physical benefits, a quick walk really clears the mind.

• You have heard it, and it is true – eat more fruits and vegetables. The important thing to recognize is in addition to the food being good for your body, it benefits the balance of your body’s chemistry. You will actually crave less “bad” stuff to eat. Of course, if the fruits and veggies are organic, all the better.

• Do not eat fried food. Think about it – I have seen fried butter and fried peanut butter for sale! Really? Fried anything is bad, and once you stop eating fried foods, your body will reject any attempt to indulge.

• Real simple – no sugar. There was a book written several years ago called “Sugar Blues,” and the message was that sugar is like a drug – the more you have, the more you want. Stay clear of white sugar and, for that matter, white bread.

There you go – no soda, no sugar, nothing fried, eat some fruits and vegetables and walk a mile a day. And, you will see results.

Remember, everything in moderation.

Gary Major is executive director of the West Chicago Park District

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